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Our result against Barca will be:

  • A win :finger:

    Votes: 13 48.1%
  • A draw :finger:

    Votes: 5 18.5%
  • A loss :finger:

    Votes: 9 33.3%

CL Semi-final leg 2: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

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And then there was 1. This is our last chance of coming out of the season with a meaningful trophy.

I hope the players will be extra motivated now not to screw this one up. If we focus, we should advance.
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I think we should get at least a goal or two to ensure we qualify. But Barcelona should be able to equalize. The 2 away goals gonna have a big effect this time.
I say we should go out for an all-out attack trying to score that very important early goal. If we score first, Barca have to score four goals, and that`s like...um...a lot of goals, man!

Barca sure as hell are going out attacking, and we should by no means fall back for their pressure. If we let them dominate the game, and they score first, we could easily lose. What we have to do is exposing them for that high pressure.

BTW I voted for a win :)

they would need 3 goals, not 4, since the game is at Bernabeu. If they win 3-1, they would advance.

First, we need a full-pack of fans shaking the field. I know most of the fans (like us) are pissed at the poor showing at Sociedad, but we really need to let Barca go through hell, on the pitch and also mentally.

Barca will come out firing for a goal, and i mean firing. We need to keep a low pace in the first 15 minutes, play quick passes and not lose the ball, and we need to hit fast on the counters. This will shake them up and will cause them to push less, in fear of conceding. We do that, i think we could be safe.

2 goals is nothing, they can get. A free-kick, a PK, a bad ref call, a deflection, a corner...a goal can come anywhere. If they get one before we do, they will full of confidense. Thats why we need to a) control the pace of the game, b) counter well. IF we do that, we will advance i believe.

I am voting for a draw.
I voted draw!

seems like everytime I vote win, we lose :(

So I decided to play it safe and go with a draw!

Barca, will need to score and score alot which will leave the back line very vulnerable.
Does anyone know what the injury and card status for the next game??
Vampire Lestat said:
they would need 3 goals, not 4, since the game is at Bernabeu. If they win 3-1, they would advance.
Um, sorry `bout that...but still, three goals...

Everybody expects us to fall down, slowing down the pace of the game. That`s why I think we can give the catalans a bit of a surprise by pressuring them immediatly, of course, this would expose us of those quick feet of Saviola, but as they say...

Caminando por la calle, siempre es peligroso
Just go with the same formation we played last week,just replace Guti with Figo.That should make us safe,Insh'Allah.:)

please people ,pray that we don't let this one go.
I voted a win. CL seems like the only competition that we can perform well in. I don't remember us doing anything bad. The away game against Bayern maybe. This year it is our time. In the league though we have lost. The basis for that was made in the beginning of the season. Beating Sociedad at Anoeta is just not easy.
I voted win. I think the match is gonna be quite similar to the one in Barcelona: Barca trying to control the game and we counteratacking.
I think the crowd will have forgotten by then the Real Sociedad fiasco, and will support the team 100% (playing agaist barça aren't we? ;) ).

If barça doesn't score early we should be more or less safe. However, if they do we're in for a lot of trouble.
Anyway, i hope the team will show the CL face and win.
A WIN ...Nothing else matters now but a WIN ;)
Rivaldo is out
Puyol will likely be back
Luis Enrique is a 50/50

The barca does not have a strong bench so these injuries prove more costly than if we miss any of ours key players.

I expect big thing from FIGO!
LE is back too, and to be honest, i fear him more then Rivaldo.

Are we going 4-5-1 with Figo, ZZ, Solari and Raul? or are we going with Guti instead of Solari? does anyone know? :confused:

I would go 4-5-1, and i am expecting (hoping) Raul finally breaks his goal scoring fasting :depress:
I think we'll go with both Guti and Solari.
Also, since Morientes and Savio won't be able to play, young Portillo may make it to the bench (I've just read this in Marca)
halamad said:
I think we'll go with both Guti and Solari.
Also, since Morientes and Savio won't be able to play, young Portillo may make it to the bench (I've just read this in Marca)
Guti AND Solari? and Figo and Raul and Zidane? :confused:

Impossible! That means Del B will play the diamond in a game where we are not trying to come from behind. Thats insane, i don't think he would do that.

It will be eithr Solari or Guti, with Solari the most likely option.
I think we're gonna win this baby, but not exactly sure how... it may end up being a total humiliation for the Puta, but with a little luck they can threaten for a draw. A win, and them advancing is out of the qeustion I think.

We'll probably be going with 4 - 5 - 1, but I'm not sure if we should play Raul or Guti up front. it'll be Raul anyway, but just thinking;) Solari on the left, anf Figo on the right. I'm very sceptical of Figo's game, because I wonder what he'll be showing... he hasn't exactly been breathtaking all season long, and it's about time he shows something big.
If we get a goal early, it's all over, Barca know it, we know it. I hope that if this happens del Bosque waits till the 45th min and subs 2 or 3 players, just so they can rest, and concentrate on the Mallorca game.
Plus Barca will probably start playing ruff if they go down, and elimination looks them straight in the eye.

I predict a 4-0 scoreline to us:eek: Call me crazy, but this game is gonna go either way, and I think we'll catch'em quick, and from the on, it'll go even quicker... if not this, then it'll be 1-1, 2-2?
But I want us to win, we need some motivation in the light of our league disappointment.
We really need it.
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I voted for a win for the boys to take us through to the final in STYLE. Move over Barca we have a date in Glasgow!

We got quite a few yellow cards in the last game, I hope there's no danger of any players missing the final should we get through.

It would be great if we got an early goal to really knock the wind out of them and totally deflate any chances they initially thought they had. Then the party can start and we can play our exhibition football and totally humiliate them.

The league is dead long live the Champions League.

The Sociedad loss might encourage us to win big! but i hope the guys keep it smart and not go in thinking of Glasgow, because that will put Barca back in the game.

I still think a draw it will be, but i don't care as long as we advance, meaning if we lose by a single goal difference i can't say i would be sad :)
I dont think we're gonna loose 0-2 at home coz if we do and go to extra time and they win, as zizou said, "i will shut myself in a wardrobe!" i cant see anything but a win and a humilation of Barca like we did earlier in the season! I believe that Zizou and Figo will have big games! :cool:

PORTEROS: César y Casillas.
DEFENSAS: Michel Salgado, Roberto Carlos, Pavón, Karanka, Helguera, Hierro.
CENTROCAMPISTAS: Flavio Conceiçao, Makelele, Guti, McManaman, Solari, Zidane, Figo.
DELANTEROS: Raúl, Munitis y Portillo.






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Hi everybody,
As I saw from your posts friends, I think most of you like either 4-5-1 or 4-4-2.

In my opinion, I think 4-5-1 would be the best formation Real can use in such a game. At the same time we need attacking, we also need to stop their sides runs. Using Figo at right & Solari at left will mainly force Barca siders to stay busy in marking most of the time.
This way Puyol & Coco (Francesco) "or whoever play at sides" will need to stay back keeping eyes on Real's wingers and this also means Barca will try to attack from the centre "& this is what Real should force Barca to do" where Makelele & Helguera can do their “must to do” job. Even if Barca moved to sides using only their front players, then mostly Overmars & LE "or whoever" will be lonely there without the support they need from their Back-wings.

Using only one winger (Figo) will give Barca a complete side "Real's left" free to attack through and this means more chances to be created from that side. I mean if Real used 4-4-2 with Figo, ZZ, Raul & Guti, this will give Barca's right back-winger a wider space to run from and support their right front winger also.

You all saw how Overmars can run & dribble easily in front of a defender "suppose to be :p " like Salgado :p so imagine what if Coco get the chance to support Overmars runs also. Many chances can be created from their and Real need to stop this clearly " I am not confident that Salgado can do this job clearly… not even hardly with colored cards :p ...but let us hope he could remembers Celta's days "

That was about the Real right side. RC with the help of Solari can keep this side ours mostly. Thats why Real needs TWO wingers this time in my opinion. While Real needs only to control the game and slow its pace, I think catching their sides with 2 wingers and using 2 DMCs at the same time, will guarantee a well controlled match perfectly.
Then, this is my preferred formation:

IKER IKER IKER "or Cesare :( "

Salgado :( "Geremi :) " Heiro Pavon RC

Makelele Helguera

Figo ZZ Solari


If you reached this point, then Thanks a lot truly for reading my post :D …otherwise, thanks for trying :p


RAAAAAAAAAAAUUUULLL will play guys... don't worry :D
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