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Over the next week and a bit we will be seeing some dramatic events surely. At this stage last season Man U were lucky to escape from Rome with an away goal, but a week later totally ripped a new hole into AS bit of Roma. Milan were also knocking out Bayern Munich. Can it be a coincedence that Barcelona play a German team? and could have 3 English teams in the SF, similar to Milan... maybe so, maybe not... on barca's form, they must watch out for Schalke though, not as easy as they may expect.

In any case this years QFs should be a good watch. Probably most intriguing is Roma - Man Utd... but certainly the All english clash is being hyped up, particularly on these shores.

I am betting on 4 draws for the first games. lets see.
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Arsenal's soft underbelly exposed once again.

Liverpool are in the semis now and it looks like Chelsea will join them to give us that wonderful game again.
Seriously, last night games should have been the semi's. :proud:

Those other English muppets and Fener can go to hell. :D
What you mean mate.We beat the pool tonight.
I hope you're right. Can't see it though. :nervous:

Please spare us from another Chelsea v Liverpool.
In your av it says anybody who plays Arsenal.Now you want us to win.Yatta you are a confused young man:tongue:
You not aware of who you're playing against tonight? You're the lesser evil on this count, young man.

Take great pride in that. :)
Pen for that?
I'm not even surprised anymore, it's an absolute farce. I said it after the first Liverpool - Inter game, this lot are the Juve of European Football.

A real shame for the competition.
2 fake expulsions against Inter and a last gasp imaginary penalty tonight..

Even Moggi would be proud.

Seriously though, i'd feel absolutely sickened going out like that if I was an Arsenal fan.

Was hard on Inter fans aswell but this just takes the cake.

And now we've got another Chelsea v Liverpool semi, fantastic.

Hopefully United and Barca make it through safe tomorrow so the semi's can be tagged with the beauty and the beast puns. :D
That was defenitely a clear pk case for me. Pool has indeed been quite lucky with the decisions to say the least.
Let's not forget the joke decisions that conditioned BOTH Inter games in the last round. It was 0-0 on both occasions when the red cards happened so Liverpool didn't score against a full team.

And it's getting even more blatant in this round with the penalty calls going in their favour. It's making a mockery of the Competition.

I wonder what's gonna happen in the Semis, Chelsea have the 2nd leg at Stamford Bridge....are Liverpool gonna demand to have that changed?

****ing cheating vermin.
use have won 2 league titles cheating:thmbup:

We've won league titles playing great football and maintaining a consistent level through a 9 month period.

You should try it once, and not just be a pathetic little cup team.

NB. I'm still expecting to read on uefa.com any minute now that Liverpool's wish of getting the 2nd leg semi against Chelsea moved around so they can play at home. :rolleyes: It would not surprise me one bit. You've got UEFA in their pocket, this isn't a one off. It's in 4 games in a row this season only.
Nah, Final will be Chelsea - Man U.
Chelsea won't make it.

With them in the same side of the draw as Liverpool, they've no chance.

UEFA have made it clear who they want to win this thing.

And with United's constant bad luck and injuries at this time of the year I wouldn't count on us being there either. I'm just glad we'll see at least one footballing side present, not ruling out Roma yet either.
Arsenal=Foreigners + no identity
That's awfully rich coming from a Liverpool fan. :dielaugh:
These are the Man U - Roma line-ups according to http://www.uefa.com/Live/Competitions/ucl/matchday=10/day=2/match=301909/index.html.

That can't possibly be correct, can it?
It is.

United have rested Rooney, Ronaldo, Scholes AND Evra.

At least Rio made it though, incredibly risky team selection. Hope it doesn't blow up in our faces. :scared: Silvestre's back in there aswell so there's potential for that 1st half red card Roma are seeking.
Good grief.....

Watch it again, 100% penalty.
Roma looks better so far, great combination play.
De Rossi? Overrated player with a lot of heart.
When was Silvestre's last competitve match with Man UTD?
Everton away last September.

Been out injured since then only to return to play some reserve games in the last few weeks and of course back in the 1st team tonight.
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