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CL QF Discussion Thread

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Over the next week and a bit we will be seeing some dramatic events surely. At this stage last season Man U were lucky to escape from Rome with an away goal, but a week later totally ripped a new hole into AS bit of Roma. Milan were also knocking out Bayern Munich. Can it be a coincedence that Barcelona play a German team? and could have 3 English teams in the SF, similar to Milan... maybe so, maybe not... on barca's form, they must watch out for Schalke though, not as easy as they may expect.

In any case this years QFs should be a good watch. Probably most intriguing is Roma - Man Utd... but certainly the All english clash is being hyped up, particularly on these shores.

I am betting on 4 draws for the first games. lets see.
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Schalke 1-1 Barca
Roma 1-1 Man Utd
Fener 1-1 Chelsea
Arsenal 2-0 Liverpool
I remember a couple of years ago claiming that Woodgate is a better defender than Puyol. Ferdinand certainly is, as is Woodgate. Puyol is a category B defender, however he is still very good at his peak nevertheless.
I remember you claiming a lot of things in the last years.
5 % were true, all other predictions went totally wrong :D
Oh please, like the 12 finals thread? ;)
Too bad its backfiring for Arsenal.
Did you not see the amazing comeback win at Bolton? It's just getting warmed up. :D :pp
Puyol at his best is undoubtedly a world class defender.
I never disputed this. He is a class act at his best.

For me though, he has never been as good as this Rio or Woodgate at his best. Nesta, Carvalho, Gallas, Cannavaro, Toure etc. are all a step above him at their best.
Agreed; extra browny points for his versatility. :pp

When Sergio Ramos retires, Puyol would have been a poor man's Sergio Ramos. :D
Disgusting. Cheated out of a semi-final. It's not just tonight's phantom penalty, but don't forget the CLEAR PENALTY ON HLEB IN THE FIRST LEG.

There's nothing else left to say. Cheated.
but Toure was still tugging on Babel in the area
What? He even put both his arms up to make it more clear that he wasn't tugging anything.

Why doesn't Babel fall over at Cesc's infringement but a brush from Toure and he's down? :howler:
To be honest, I think you and Osman are reading too much into this. In a pressure situation like that, you don't give a cheap penalty like that. You just can't. If it's not clear-cut, don't give it.
A ref should call what he thinks is right, time of the game and size of the game shouldn't affect that. He has rules, he has his interpritation, he should follow them.
Rob, the "tug" (it was one slight tug) occurred OUTSIDE the box, but Babel did not want to go down until he reached the box, of course. In that case, it's a free kick, not a penalty. The "foul" was committed outside the box. As far as the penalty area is concerned, there was absolutely no tugging.
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