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CL QF Discussion Thread

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Over the next week and a bit we will be seeing some dramatic events surely. At this stage last season Man U were lucky to escape from Rome with an away goal, but a week later totally ripped a new hole into AS bit of Roma. Milan were also knocking out Bayern Munich. Can it be a coincedence that Barcelona play a German team? and could have 3 English teams in the SF, similar to Milan... maybe so, maybe not... on barca's form, they must watch out for Schalke though, not as easy as they may expect.

In any case this years QFs should be a good watch. Probably most intriguing is Roma - Man Utd... but certainly the All english clash is being hyped up, particularly on these shores.

I am betting on 4 draws for the first games. lets see.
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Roma can win today, especially without Nani playing with Manure.
Totti chokes against Utd anyway. :D
Awesome header, Ronaldo. :)
**** me, he doesn;t stop scoring eh.
Scrappy goal from Rooney, Doni is crap.
Roma fans singing their anthem "Roma Roma Roma", quit pleasing to the ears when they're 2-0 down actually.
Is this revenge for the whole Cannamalo fiasco?
Canna on his day is the best in the world though.
Did Pool hire Moggi or what? :D

2 false red cards vs Inter, the Kuyt pk last week in the CL and now the PK in today's match ..
1 - 8 of 555 Posts
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