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Over the next week and a bit we will be seeing some dramatic events surely. At this stage last season Man U were lucky to escape from Rome with an away goal, but a week later totally ripped a new hole into AS bit of Roma. Milan were also knocking out Bayern Munich. Can it be a coincedence that Barcelona play a German team? and could have 3 English teams in the SF, similar to Milan... maybe so, maybe not... on barca's form, they must watch out for Schalke though, not as easy as they may expect.

In any case this years QFs should be a good watch. Probably most intriguing is Roma - Man Utd... but certainly the All english clash is being hyped up, particularly on these shores.

I am betting on 4 draws for the first games. lets see.
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Roma - Man Utd 0:3

Schalke - Barcelona 1:2
UEFA should just ban Liverpool from European competitions until they appoint a coach who doesn't play 9 men behind the ball in most games and would let them play some attacking football. First Houller then Benitez, enough already.
Congrats to Fenerbahce, shame on me for not congratulating them in my earlier post.

What an awesome goal by Deivid.
Playing defensively and cautiously is one thing, playing the way you did last night - 9 men behind the ball and hoofing it upfield to Torres all the time is completely different.
We had 4-5 very good chances, Liverpool had one.
Liverpool are the Juve of the European football, every time they need a help from the ref they get it. A real shame. Though at least they played good football tonight for once.
He hit him about as hard as a autumn leaf. If anything it was a foul by Fabregas OUTSIDE the penalty area. Toure just ran in and possibly caressed some part of a Babel that probably wasn't very interested in standing up.
Exactly. No way this was a penalty.
I can't believe some people here are claiming we had more creativity than Man Utd tonight. Let's be honest, Man Utd created more good chances in the first 25 minutes than we did in the whole game and totally deserved their victory. We had some good spells during the game, but Utd were simply better overall.
1 - 8 of 555 Posts
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