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CL| QF (2ns Leg): Liverpool Vs Arsenal FC | 7:45pm 08/04/08

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This Is The Big One.. Our Season Hangs Here.. A Win Would Takes Us Into The Semi's For The Second Time In Our History.. Loose Here And It'll All Over And Back To The Drawing Board.

Our Most Important Game Of The Season Now.. The Only Trophy To Play For.. C'mon Arsenal!!
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ooooooh what a kick in the balls

Pisses me off when you get morons talk about Arsenal fans, players or Wenger bemoaning decisions - there isn't a sane fan out there that wouldn't bemoan the games we've endured swung by incorrect refereeing decisions lately.

In spite of the injuries our season has been destroyed by the w**kers with the whistles.

Great run from Walcott to set-up what should have been the decisive goal, beat Hleb's run for should have set-up the winning goal at The Emirates.

Oh and Flamini going off, the customary injury to go with the customary referee fcuk up.
Adebayor : He is doing very good this match. I have to credit him for creating trouble to Pool's defense with his footwork. He must improve his run timing in order to escape off-side trap.
Is this sarcastic?

It's not his runs that are the problem, it's being a lazy fcuk that can't be bothered to get back onside. He was beaten every time in the air by Skyrtel or Hyypia.
I don't think he's done much wrong - I just can't think on an outstanding game he's had.

I wouldn't blame him for our season, if I were listing key factors he wouldn't be in the top ten. But, should we go for a better keeper if one is available? I think so.
1 - 3 of 503 Posts
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