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We are sad.

Our players showed another time to Italy that they don't love the shirt they dress.

This was a match that the mister Bellotto should win,but....sad match.We have no more words.Now the situation is difficult.Next match is with Crotone.I hope good.

Bellotto put in camp Zivkovic at the end of the match and he saved the result realizing a beatiful goal.But not many minutes later he took the red card,the second after the first given to Lanna.

MONDINi 6:lucky when the woods helped him,but he saved two or three balls going out rapidly.
SAKIC 5,5:Cittadella's players passed always in his zone.
GRANDONI 5:he did a bad match,the unknown Baiku did a good match.Incredible.
LANNA 6:he does a good match and he sacrified himself breaking the legs of Baiku that was going to do the second goal.He saved the result.
SANNA 6:he fights on all the balls,but he forgets Boudoma on the action of the goal.
VASARI 5:he did a big error at the beginning of the match,he had a big occasion but he failed it.About the othet minutes we didn't ntice him.(Zivkovic:he runs a lot,he realized the goal and he took the red card fighting:a big heart,but he's not abig player,but modest).
BERNINI 5,5:he runs a lot.
MARCOLIN:he didn't run,he's old,no,he's ancient.But he has some fantasy in some way.Manighetti substitued him,but Sturba created them many problems.
ESPOSITO 5:like Vasari but on the left.(Luiso 5:he had no balls to play).
FLACHI 5,5:far from the area of action.
POSSANZINI:just the passage for the goal of Zivkovic.

The supporters contested the team on the way of coming back yo genova,and they were right.
The newspapers talked about punches given by ultras to Possanzini and Vasari,triyng to sell more,but nothing of this happened.
Just a discussion,as we can know from the words of Flachi.
In every way every form of violence is to be condemned,because the supporters of sampdoria are not this type of supporters,even if they are tired of theese players.
:depress: :depress: :depress: :depress:
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