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Classic :angel: ;)

Wenger came to manchester
Early in December
Asked when we had beat him last
He could not remember
Fergie gave a little smile
knowing it was rotten
Said we f#cked your 50 up
Dont say you've forgotten.

Wenger turned away at once
the dreams he had were shattered
United came and broke their hearts
Now nothing really mattered
"It was not fair" he tried to say
" you lot f#cking cheated"
"Riley helped you out you know"
On and on he bleated

For those that know not what went on
I will recall the story
Tales of pizza and of soup
It really is quite gory
As you know we beat the Ar$e
Goals were all we needed
Rooney and Van Nistleroy
No goals were conceded

At the end the Arsenal moaned
Wenger he was fuming
Ruud went past but did not know
the trouble that was looming
Wenger laid right into him,
Venting his frustration
Ruud was laughing back at him
in joyous jubilation

Fergie heard the arguing,
And went to help his hero
Wasnt gonna stand for that
His tolerations zero
"F#ck off leave my man alone"
The sh!t was truly flying
Wenger now had lost control
was virtually crying

Arsenal players heard the noise
And saw our hero Ruud
Started shouting "cam on then"
and started hurling food.
Fergie kopped the brunt of it,
With pizza he was showered,
Wenger now was scared as f#ck
and in the corner cowered

By now Uniteds team had come
to help their threatened twosome
Rooney flipped his ****ing lid
it really was quite gruesome
"come on then you cockney cnuts"
he shouted to the slackers,
Raised his knee and planted it
Straignt in Wengers knackers

Wenger rolled around the floor
Rooney started punching
Till he saw some pizza left,
On it he started munching
Come on lads, hes had enough
Wenger he was crying
"shut up you [email protected]" our Rooney said,
"you'd think your ****ing dying"

So the tale has now been told,
as I said its gory,
But thats not the final word
the moral of this story
Doesnt matter who you are
Dont get too excited
One thing is sure in all the world

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Excellent. Really funny :D:howler:
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