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Chile recall Salas for qualifiers

SANTIAGO, Aug 22 (Reuters) - Chile have included former Juventus striker Marcelo Salas, who has not played a full international for nearly two years, in the squad for their opening World Cup qualifier away to Argentina on September 6.

Juventus midfielder David Pizarro, who has also missed this year's warm-up friendlies, was also included in a preliminary 25-man squad, which will be later reduced to 22, despite reports that he had fallen out with coach Juvenal Olmos.

'Yes, they are totally confirmed,' said Alberto Quintano, head of the Chilean federation's newly-created national team commission.

'In the case of Marcelo Salas, we talked to him a while a go and there's no problem.

'In the case of Pizarro, there was a formal communication between (FCF president) Reinaldo Sanchez and the player two days ago and he confirmed his wish to be picked.'

Olmos took over earlier this year and initially succeeded in persuading Salas, now playing for Argentine club River Plate, to back down from a threat to quit international football.

Salas, whose last appearance was in a World Cup qualifier against Brazil in October 2001, praised the new coach's professional attitude after taking part in a training camp for the country's foreign-based players in the Netherlands.

However, Salas then missed a pair of friendlies against Peru because of injury and relations soured after he pulled out of a Central American tour for personal reasons.

Chile, who played out a goalless draw away to China on Wednesday using a squad entirely of home-based players, finished bottom of the South American qualifying group for the 2002 World Cup and were hammered 4-1 on their visit to Buenos Aires.

Thirteen members of the squad play abroad -- five in Argentina, three in Mexico, two in Italy, one in Spain, one in the Netherlands and one in France.


Goalkeepers: Nelson Tapia (Cobreloa), Nicolas Peric (Rangers), Alex Varas (Wanderers).

Defenders: Cristian Alvarez (Universidad Catolica), Luis Fuentes (Cobreloa), Rodrigo Perez (Cobreloa), Boris Gonzalez (Cobreloa), Ricardo Rojas (America), Jorge Vargas (no club), Pablo Contreras (Celta), Rafael Olarra (Independiente)

Midfielders: Jorge Acuna (Feyenoord), Pablo Galdames (Racing Club), Milovan Mirosevic (Racing Club), Fernando Martel (Chiapas), Marcos Gonzalez (Universidad de Chile), Rodrigo Melendez (Quilmes), David Pizarro (Udinese), Mark Gonzalez (Universiad Catolica).

Forwards: Marcelo Salas (River Plate), Hector Tapia (Lille), Reinaldo Navia (Morelia), Manuel Neira (Colo Colo), Arturo Norambuena (Universidad Catolica), Mauricio Pinilla (Chievo Verona)

Excellent news that Olmos managed to have Salas back in the team and it seems that Pizarro will be with us too.Reading that 14/25 are based abroad i expected to see and the other big names like Maldonado,Tello,Aros,Pardo.What is going on epecially with Maldonado who,from what i heard,is doing well in Brazil but he is never called up.Also Carrasco who came in Greece could as in the past called...he also became a regular in Xanthi from his arrival.

These 25 are the men that in the first mathces of our campaign will begin with.I ecpect to see a compentent team having some experienced players along with the up-coming Chilean telents.

Thinking of the usual 4-4-2 i have the feeling of a team like...
GK:Nelson Tapia (unindentified age but continuing...)
D:Christian Alvarez (i hope this guy will show his abilites to be a full-back)
D:Jorge Vargas (from star in Series B and Parma wanting him last years,now unemployed but i trust him)
D:pablo Contreras (I pray he will make our defense a bit respectable one)
D:Ricardo Rojas (if Olmos prefers his experience he can put Rojas on the left side)
M:pablo Galdames (his defensive abilities will help us,even is he is not such a creative player)
M:Rodrigo Melendez (good he is in Argentina,as from now i will have the ability to follow him)
M:One of the young ones.Olmos knows better about them...
M:David Pizarro (i think he and Salas will be all of our hopes to qualify.He is a magician!)
F:Marcelo Salas (He is the captain on paper,he must be in the field too.He's going to kick as$es!)
F:Reinaldo Navia/Hector Tapia (both are strikers,both with good scoring ability,both in form.I saw Tapia with Lille in their 1-0 win and i want him to score and play with Chile as with his club)

Let's wait and see.15 days to go but still seems far:D

As for the match versus Argentina i don't know in the players themselves believe they cna grab point but i do!!With 3-5-2 defensevie formation and counter attacks by Pizarro and forwards and i don't see the reason why we can't score in Bombonera.Uruguayans did that twice on Wednesday,why not Chileans...

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I will do my utmost to see this game. I may even have to watch it via my cousins webcam on my pc :eek:

Anyway no Acuna or Maldonado, weird?? I havent been following the team lately but I will now cuz the big stage is back.

No Tello or Maldonado :( I love Pizarro and expect an impact by Pinilla off the bench.
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