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chelsea wants batistuta!!!

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chelsea are now among many other clubs interested in batistuta,they have offered di matteo/flo and money to sign the fiorentina star.
what do you think?
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He is over 30, so he is suitable to us. :)
I love Bati, but he is only maybe 2 years solution. I'd like more to see Rui and Toldo in our team.
karembeu will maybe come to england,but he's 30 do you think he's good enogh are young enough in the chelsea midfield with veterans like deschamps,poyet and wise
So basically we shall replace one old frenchman with another? Clever.
yeah i think we should buy more youngsters
but vialli seems to like this old frenchmen.
I like Batigol better than Zola and Weah right now... I mean he is 3 - 4 years younger respecively and all. But as much as I would like to see Batigol on this team, I would much rather like to see a young proven player aged 23 - 28.
batigol is one of the great striker in this world... so i choose to wait for the realization of this rumour!
i would love to see batigol in chelsea, but he is wanted by many clubs so its unlikely he would come.
If Batistuta could choose between Man Utd and Chelsea, he would choose Man Utd. Should he go to Chelsea, a certain Chris Sutton should be off-loaded. Why not have Flo and Batistuta?
Alex F is no longer interested in Batigol I feel. The guy said that the only reason he went after Ruud Van Nistelrooy was the fact that he was relatively young. This to me signalled the end of the Batigol to Man U rumours.
Also in a 4-4-2 interview he didn't seem to be too concerned where he played in England as he hust wanted the experience to play here. He also said it could be another couple of years.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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