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chelsea 2004/2005 winner??

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is that chelsea already won the premiereship this season.....the gap is 13 ready.....
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No doubt about it, United will be back. If Abramovich ever gets bored, will Chelsea?
acmilan2005 said:
what? :googly: its true :tongue: :thumbsup:
Simba said:
No it's not true at all, within a few years assuming Chelsea continue to win things, they will have their own money in place.

Do you think Kenyon & the rest of the board are that naive? They are working towards making Chelsea a very profitable, functioning business.

The only way Chelsea could come a cropper is if Abramovich or Mourinho leaves in the short term.
chelsea are what, 60 mill in debt? if he leaves they will have to sell a large proportion of there first team
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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