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cheap bargains..

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i'm just thinking that there are a few clubs that are facing relegatino prospects or financial problems..so i think they're ready to sell their players at a pretty gd price..

beijbl-strong right winger with straight fwd runs down the lane..very gd crosser

guardiola-playmaker and the dynamo in midfield...could be off after being dropped several times..

sergi-left wing back who likes to join in the attack very often ..gd crosser of the ball
..out of contract next summer

alexander mostovoi-a very exciting att.midfielder with great dribbling and shooting skills as well...free this summer

don hutchinson-one of the most underrated midfielders in EPL..very aggressive, creative midfielder whose passing and long range shooting are a threat to any defence..

babangida-is rumoured to be ready to be sold...he is one of the fastest right wingers in the world..

nedved-left footed midfielder with great creativity and passing though his work rate is left to be desired...

adrian mutu-scored 18 goals in 23 matches in romanian league..but a flop in serie A...

zamorano-pre-season rumours are that he is on his way out..
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i would go for revivo... he tend to lose in compete with mostovoi in celta!
i think he would be a good addition for our midfield...
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