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Moderator: Welcome to Talk Football Expert Chat!
Moderator: The Talkfootball webchat with FC Artmedia captain Balázs Borbély is about to begin. He will be discussing his team's remarkable run in the UEFA Champions League and their ambitions for their forthcoming UEFA Cup campaigning which they qualified for last night after their draw with FC Porto.
Moderator: Here is your chance to welcome Borbély to the uefa.com chatroom.
emenems: hello
ARTMEDIA: Hi, i want say big thanks for yesterday match, you were much better than porto.
mia77: artmedia forever
Moderator: A quick reminder that we only take questions in English during this chat. Thank you.
roland: Hello Balu!
miked: Hi Balazs.
amaka: how did you feel after last night's match
Balázs Borbély: I felt tired but we are happy.
fotesz: I want to congratulate to Fc Artmedia
seb: Hi - what are your team's ambitions for the UEFA Cup?
Balázs Borbély: Our aim is to qualify for the last 16. But first we must wait for the draw and see who we are playing.
miked: What are your thoughts on Glasgow Rangers. How well can they do in the last 16 of the Champions League?
Balázs Borbély: Rangers are maybe the weakest team in the group that have qualified for the last 16. I think Artmedia and Porto played the better football. But their chances will of course depend on the draw and they are very strong at home in front of their own fans, so they still have a chance of progressing.
kuup3R: hello, i've been yesterday on the match, it was great night despite the horrible conditions. I'd like to thank you for great match and ask you: In what you see main cause of the draw? pitch conditions? referee? bad luck?
Balázs Borbély: The main reason was we did not score. We created many chances. I think the referee did not have a good day because he denied us two good penalty claims. The pitch was awful but it was the same for both teams. It made it difficult to play good, passing football.
Samuel: Are you happy that you play the UEFA Cup or sad that you lost the chance to play in the knock-out rounds in the Champions League?
Balázs Borbély: I think one eye is crying, the other laughing. We were so close to the knockout stages of the Champions League but to be in the UEFA Cup is still a success story for Slovak football.
lukys: Could you compare the Czech and Slovakian league?In your opinion, which is better?
Balázs Borbély: I think this season the Slovak league can be compared to the Czech league. We have made much progress. Compared to Sparta Prague's performances in the Champions League, it is obvious that Artmedia have performed better.
West Ham: Hi Balázs. Well done this season. What was the highlight of the group stage for you?
Balázs Borbély: The victory in Porto was the highlight but every game in which we won points was an achievement and a sign of progress. Both our games against Rangers were good performances also.
Samuel: Do you think that your team can hold on to the good results in the UEFA Cup, even though the next round is in February - 3 months away? A lot of things can happen during the winter break...
Balázs Borbély: Now we have four weeks holiday but we will not be sitting around in front of the television all that time. We will rest for two weeks and start work individually in preparation for playing again in January. We will definitely be ready for the UEFA Cup games.
Did you know?: Balázs Borbély is not a typical Slovakian name. Like many in his home town of Dunajská Streda, in the south of Slovakia, the captain is of Hungarian extraction. His surname Borbély means literally 'Barber'.
millyrfc: who was the better side to play against glasgow celtic or rangers?
Balázs Borbély: It is difficult to say. Both teams were similar. Against Celtic in Glasgow, we were not prepared for the home crowd. It was a completely new experience for us. We will not concede four goals like that again. We will be ready next time.
Djet: hi balasz! what do you think is the reason why you have done so much better than teams like Anderlecht or Rapid Vienna, who didnt expect many points in this group stage either?
Balázs Borbély: We are a better team.
Greatest moment?: What is your favourite moment in Balázs Borbély's career so far? Let us know and we will publish the best three (in English) while he is thinking of his next answer....
Artemdia88: When he scored the winning goal against FC PORTO 3-2
Maco: Greatest moment - the best moment in his career so far was the 3rd goal in Porto I would say....
millyrfc: Greatest moment: the 5-0 demolition of celtic brilliant!!
Easter Island statue: Who is the best player you have ever played against and why?
Balázs Borbély: There have been so many good players like Figo but I would pick Adriano. He is very strong and powerful and has unique technique.
Did you know?: Borbély came through the ranks at FC Dunajská Streda, where he made 25 appearances during the 1999/00 season before moving to Artmedia in the summer. Initially a defender, he later became a midfield anchor.
West Ham: Looking ahead to EURO 2008 qualifying. What are Slovakia's chances and do you hope to be involved?
Balázs Borbély: t is a question for the national coach whether I am involved or not. But I think in Slovakia we have many good players and if the team sticks together I believe we have a real chance to qualify.
adiman: Should your name be Balázs or Balász?
Balázs Borbély: It should be Balázs!
zagorakis_7: who is your favourite player to watch on tv?
Balázs Borbély: It has to be Zidane. For me, he is the best player in the world.
Futbalista: If you had the chance, which league would you most like to play in?
Balázs Borbély: There are many strong leagues in Europe and I would be happy to play in Italy, Spain, England, Germany or France. They are the five strongest leagues in Europe.
Easter Island statue: Who was your hero as a child?
Balázs Borbély: When I was growing up it was Maradona who was the best player in the world and the man in the headlines. He was the player I wanted to watch.
Artemdia88: Do you think that without the coach Vladimir Weiss your team would be where it is?
Balázs Borbély: Of course, the coach has made a big impact. I cannot say we would have done as well without him.

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emenems: what are your personal ambitions in football?
Balázs Borbély: I want to play in a good European team and be successful with the national team. I want to qualfiy for the World Cup or European Championships with Slovakia. I also want to experience the atmosphere of the Champions League again.
West Ham: Have you ever played Futsal? What do you think of the game?
Balázs Borbély: No, I've never played Futsal. I prefer football played outside!
lucia: Balazs why do you drive special car Skoda 120 when you are so famous football player?
Balázs Borbély: I don't drive a Skoda. The story is, after the game with Rangers in Bratislava I missed the team bus and a local journalist gave me a lift in his old Skoda. I drive a BMW.
Moderator: Some great questions guys! Keep them coming - this is this most popular chat yet. Balázs is here for another ten minutes so send him your goodluck messages now and we will pass them onto him personally.
Acid3P: what do you think about fans of your team?Could you compare them with other europe fans and with best fans in Slovakia (fans of Spartak Trnava)?
Balázs Borbély: I cannot compare our fans to Celtic or Rangers fans but their support in Bratislava was brilliant.
Artemdia88: Balazs I am a habitant of Bratislava and I went to see all your games and I will keep supporting your team both in UEFA cup and domestic I wish you and your teamates all the best and hope to meet u personally.
Mato_svk: Good luck in UEFA Cup and I hope you will play Champions League next year.
Easter Island statue: What do you do in your spare time? Do you play other sports, enjoy cooking or spend time with your family?
Balázs Borbély: I answer questions from fans on uefa.com! I like to go to the cinema. I also like to play tennis or squash , because they keep me active.
kubo: Hello, Balazs, I want you to know that yesterday I was really proud of you guys.
rado: i wish u all the best in your football future, more games like vs porto
Kajoo: Good luck in your career, Balazs !
Vlado: Congratulations "Boby" I am a fan of Artmedia
ruud: congratulation from slovakia fans
pepe: Why did you play in the green jerseys yesterday? was there some intention?
Balázs Borbély: We could not play in white because it would have clashed with the Porto shirts.
David z Blavy: good luck Balazs in the next year
millyrfc: good luck and thank you!
andy: Best luck in UEFA CUP Artmedia guys..go Artmedia go!
Kajoo: You & Your team made us proud. Thank You Boby !
Bohumil Hrabal: If your house was burning down what single object would you rush to save first?
Balázs Borbély: My family and girlfriend!
Rieco: Good luck in the UEFA cup and in your further carrer. I can't wait to the start of the spring so I can come back to the stadium. I hope you will bring us many more happy moments!
kuup3R: I know its early to talk about your possible opposites, it would be great to play against sparta, dont you think so? or do you have another team you wish to play against in the UEFA Cup?
Balázs Borbély: It does not matter who we get in the draw. There are no bad teams in the competition.
Easter Island statue: From your experiences in football, what five pieces of advice would you give to any youngster who is taking up the game?
Balázs Borbély: They should be serious and determined and they should give everything to their football. They should set themselves targets and stick to them.
Kettering Geordie: What kind of music do you like?
Balázs Borbély: I like many kinds of music. I like Robbie Williams very much. Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed it as much as me. Good bye...
Artemdia88: Good bye and good luck
ARTMEDIA: bye and good luck
spisiak99: Oh come on Balasz, U R THE BEST ... greetings from whole SLOVAKIA
soccervista: Aloha
Moderator: Thanks a lot for all your questions guys. It's been great fun and your efforts are really appreciated. Remember to come back on Matchday 7 when we'll be talking to another top UEFA Champions League player. Thank you.
adriana: Go Artmedia!!!
Marek: bye and good game
Drisdelle: Go Balazs
spisiak99: See u guys in spring ... ARTMEDIA 4EVER
spisiak99: So de we thanks to UEFA.COM ... for this chat with Balasz Borbely
Valentino27: Good luck for the uefa cup
mao: I wish you all the best, Balazs. Good bye...

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as you can see, some of the participants (Rieco, Kajoo) are sadly known from this board :D

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The chat was good and the moderator said it was by far the most popular even topping Deco for example.

He answered everything and in excelent english. Good job Boby :thumbsup:
I hope he can bring furhter success to the team.
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