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Well, we do have two more games left and have to make the best of them. Maybe those from the Golden Generation can dig deep down inside and do something.

But, as last nights game showed, our old guys are done and its time for us and for them to move on. The likes of Suker, Jarni, Prosinecki, Soldo, Boban, Bilic, Boksic gave us all something that we can be proud of and we should thank them for that.

What might have been if Croatia was allowed to play in Euro 92 with these guys in their early to mid-20's....they could have done some serious damage....then if we were allowed to compete in qualifying for USA 94.....we had great runs in Euro96 which was our first major tournament, and a run that we can never forget in France 98....anyway, we should thank them for this and making Croatia proud....

But now its time to move on....let the young guys form their own identity and see what they can do and forge a new golden generation....its time for the Changing of the guard....the old guys should be thanked for all they have done for Croatia and showing the world that as a small country that we can accomplish a lot....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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