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Chelsea Chairman Hints At More New Faces
4/25/2005 11:04:00 AM
Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has revealed that there will be more comings and goings at the club over the summer.
"You have seen the transfer spend go down just in one year and you will see it keep going down," he told The Times.

"You will see several players come in the summer but also several go out."

Buck also confirmed his belief that owner Roman Abramovich is here to stay, adding: "He is going to be at Chelsea for the long term."
following these comments and our never ending speculation on who will be coming in, who do you think will be the players leaving?
i would think that the following will leave:

Jarosik- have no idea y we bought him for anyways, i would rather get van bommel on a free to replace him...

Smertin- not bad this season actually but seing he hasnt played all that much at all, and this is due to the fact our midfield has been wonderfull, i think he will leave.

Parker- i would love for this player to stay but i seem to have a feeling he will be sold :(

Geremi- ..... he is really not a bad player as some ;) may claim here but he is getting old and will be sold too.

Kezman- he has not produced to his expectations and i would like to see him stay 1 more season and really show what he could be capable of but this is a grey area, he could be sold then again he could stay and with forsell playing next year and carlton coming back who knows what mourinho will decide...

thats about it, although Tiago who has been largely dissapointing all season will most probably stay as he is young and i think JM would give him some more chances to try and make his mark on the club althought i really dont see that happening....
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