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Champions league drawing is ready

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In the championsleague third qualifying round Inter will meet Helsinborg (Swe)/Fc Bate Barisov (Bel) On 8/9 august and 22/23 august...If Helsingborg makes it I hope to see all you swedish inter fans in place, cause i´m going from Stockholm...Come on Helsingborg!
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Inter is coming to Helsingborg? I'm not going to miss that game. Härligt!! :)

Forza Internazionale!!
I´ve done some check up guys: Borisov is on 7th place in their domestic league, also they had some problems in their champ.league qualify against shirak from Armenia! They have won 3 of their last 4 games, but I still think we will see Inter in sweden in August, and Helsingborg won´t have the slightest chance...Don´t you agree?
We'd better hope we win this match.It's crucial for our players to qualify for the C.L.Not qualifying would mean a disaster!!Btw,you guys supporting Inter right?

Forza Inter!
Helsinborg (Swe)/Fc Bate Barisov (Bel) who do we really want to face:? What is the history of these two teams?

First luck for the new season!

No matter which team we would face,there shouldn't be big problem for us to make into the group stage!The swedes could be tougher,but still easier than our neighbor,which will have to face a tricky task,Dynamo Zagreb!!!hehe!!

Forza Inter!!!
Dinamo Zagreb goes on your neighborhood AC Milan,you have much lucky,joe
There's only one word to describe this: WALKOVER!
As long as you guys do not approach this test with a complete holliday mind, I guess I can already say congratulations :).

Helsingborg (Swe) - Bate Borisov (Blr)
When is this game:??
I´m hoping that Helsingborg wins so that I can go to Helsingborg and see the game.
Helsingborg won the swedish league last year with a bit luck from the referee.They won the last game and therefor won the whole league.The only goal in the game was an offside goal so it was a bit luck.
The swedish season has started and they have played 11 games and are on sixth place with 14 teams and have not impressed at all.Inter will kick there ass.
The most famous player in Helsingborg is Roland Nilsson.
It´s a team with lots of old guys.
Found Answer!

The Bielorussian and Swedish teams will face each other on July 26th and August 2nd. Inter's dates are still to be decided: either on August 8 or 9 the first leg match; either on August 22nd or 23rd the second leg home match in S. Siro stadium.
Listen guys remember Parma and Mallorca last year? Complacency is not the way to go.

What you guys need to do is take grip and hope we face BATE Borisov because of t he two teams Helsingborg is definately better.

C'mon guys.....we can do it!!!!!

FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!!
Yes,we should be careful and respect our opponent!!As Lippi said it's gonna depends on us!!We should concentrate and treat it as a final!!It's too important for us!!!Since those South American players will only be available to train with Inter 1 week b4 the tie,so I think we should play only European players!As they have trained together for more times!

My suggested lineup"


Simic Blanc Domaurad Serena

Farinos DiBiagio Seedorf Zanetti

Pirlo Sukur

Bench: Balotta Ferrari Macellari Cauet Brocchi Robiatti Biakolo

Zanetti playes bcuz he is too important for the club and he has never been dogged by tireness!!This lineup should be enough to kick some asses!!!

Forza Inter!!!
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we should win the games 3-0 each
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