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Been away on a little trip but got back right in time for Champions League :) Here's one Betprepare pick..seems like a very good option to me. What's your opinion? Cheers!

Porto are almost always the favorites at their own stadium, but rating them at such ridiculous odds is going too far in my opinion. Zenit are playing some amazing football, they are stronger than ever, literally steamrolling over their competition in Russia, and only bad luck and referees' mistakes prevented them from getting more points in the Champions League. Even though Spalletti says this isn't necessarily a critical game, we need to be realistic and say that this is a do or die match for them. Not many would put pressure on an in-form team ahead of an important match, and Spalletti's statements are logical attempts to reduce it, as he believes his team can achieve their goal if they keep playing at their best. The only mitigating circumstance for them could be if Atletico secure their progress already after four games (which is very likely, as they have two games against Austria) and go into the fifth at Petrovsky with some reservations. But Zenit can in no way rely on that, especially as this would give Porto the same advantage in their sixth game away at Calderon. Therefore, Zenit must not lose today. Reasons to believe in Zenit's positive outcome are aplenty, and the potential key figure for many in this match is Hulk, who is in top form and he could easily wreak havoc in Porto's defense, which he knows very well. Even though I'm deeply convinced that Zenit will leave Portugal undefeated, due to excellent odds and Witsel's absence I will go for a more conservative option in the form of a +1 handicap, which would see our stake return if Porto win by one goal. I expected these odds on x2.

Bet: Handicap -1
Tip: 2
Odds: 1.88

BOL ;)
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