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Following a problematic preseason due to a series of poor defensive performances, Benfica have entered the new championship in a similar way, but they are starting to show glimpses of the playing style that brought them wins over respectable European teams in recent seasons, especially in home games. Over the last season alone, Celtic and Spartak fall at Benfica's statium in the CL, and Leverkusen, Bordeaux and Fenerbahce followed in the EL during springtime. All these teams are stronger than Anderlecht, who should be the right opponent for them to continue raising their form after improved performances against Sporting (in the second half) and Pacos, reminiscent of their recent seasons' dynamic and attacking play that brought them some good European achievements ever since Jorge Jesus took charge. Anderlecht are Group C underdogs with a rather young team that lacks experience at the European level, and playing away is not their strong suit. This summer, most of the important players have left the club, so it's small wonder they are already trailing six points behind Standard. They've displayed a respectable goalscoring ability in the championship, as well as some defensive errors. None of Anderlecht center backs are over 23 years of age. They lack the necessary European experience and I believe that they will not be able to stop the home side's forward line led by Cardozo and Lima, who jointly scored 63 goals last season. In a match where the home team is at least a class above the visitors, with both teams better on the attack and relatively weak in defense.

Bet: Over 2,5
Odds: 1.80
Cheers ;)
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