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Champions League 08/09

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Dynamo will play with Drogheda United from Ireland or Levadia Tallin in the second qual round iof the cl.....first leg away in jul 29,second leg at home on aug 5.
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If Dynamo make the CL this season, do you think they can be more competitive than they were last term?
Is it possible to be less competitive?? :D Unless you field Dnipro's starting 11 of course. :howler:
:googly: Yet you bought one of our players as a risk diversion method because you didn't have the guts to fight us until the end of the season :dielaugh:
What a novel reasoning. :howler:
2-1 final score,Ninkovic could had made the third in the last second.
Now just defend 0-0 at home and they're through. :D
Dinamo leads 2-1 at Vorskla in the 75th min.
O RLY?? :pp How did it end up?? :howler:
Okay if I support Dynamo against whoever, you can imagine how much such victory means. :pp
You support Dinamo?:eek:
Mnyaso is definitely even more bitchy than Dynamo, period. :howler:
Sporting is better then Porto.

and shitfica better than Sporting?? :pp
So what, did Dynamo finally learn some Champions League sort of football by now?? :pp
Porto have never lost at home in the CL with Jesualdo Ferreira as manager.

The following teams have played at Estadio do Dragao and not won: CSKA Moscow, Arsenal, Hamburg, Chelsea, Liverpool, Marseille, Besiktas, Schalke, and Fenerbahce.

Porto will take the 3 points in this one.
"We will win 5-2" © kleber @ a known occurrence :howler:
Ukrainian TV did it again. No cameras to have caught Maldonado's reciprocal kick on Vukojevic's face! (But the referee saw.)
How's that?? :confused: I'm positive I saw it on a replay yesterday. :rollani:
1 - 10 of 177 Posts
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