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SP - Cruzeiro 0-0

Sao Paulo and Vitoria opened their Champions Cup campaign on Wednesday night (12/07) with a scoreless draw in the Rei Pele Stadium in Maceio. The two teams meet in the second leg on Saturday, when the winner will go through to the semi-finals of the competition, the overall winner of which earns a place in the Libertadores Cup in 2001.

Although there were no goals it was a classic duel with some great football played by both sides despite the heavy rain. There were plenty of scoring chances, making it a bust night for keepers Paulo Musse and Rogerio Ceni.

Vitoria started out a little more cautiously, giving Sao Paulo the initiative in the attack, but even so the team from up north in Bahia created several scoring opportunities, and the game looked very evenly balanced.

The game changed completely in the second phase: with Vitoria making all the plays leaving Sao Paulo to lick its wounds in defence and try desperately to mount a counter attack, a scenario that Levir Culpi tried to change when he substituted defender Axel for the more attacking Carlos Miguel.

There were numerous chances during the match, but the best one was Vitoria’s after 15 minutes of the second half. Winger Leandro dribled Belleti in the area and took a shot at goal. The ball beat Rogerio Ceni and hit the cross bar. The rebound, which was virtually on the goal line was headed by Artur who hit the post. The ball was then cleared by a stunned Sao Paulo defence and open-mouthed Vitoria players who could not believe that the ball had not gone in.

The teams:
Vitoria – Paulo Musse; Wilson, Flavio, Moises, Leandro; Marcelo Paulista, Clayton, Fernando (Leilton), Juninho Petrolina); Vitor (Felipe) and Artur (Alessandro).
Coach: Ricardo Gomes

Sao Paulo – Rogerio Ceni; Belleti, Alvaro, Rogerio Pinheiro, Fabio Aurelio; Axel (Carlos Miguel), Alexandre, Rai (Fabiano), Marcelinho; Edu and Sandro Hiroshi (Ilan).
Coach: Levir Culpi.

Flamengo – Goias 2-3

The initial impression was that the game would be an easy one for Flamengo. After twenty minutes they were up 2 - 0, only Goias had other ideas and mounted a great come back, and nearly turned the tables on the team from Rio, which had to be content with a 3 - 2 win.

Flamengo started out like a whirling dervish, showing just how powerful they can be in the attack. The first goal was not long in coming. After nine minutes Le made a great run down the left and crossed to Iranildo in the area who headed home number one.

Flamengo kept the pressure on and the Goias defence looked very shaky. After 11 minutes, Flavio killed the ball on his chest, but appeared to lose concentration when Reinaldo appeared on the scene and ended up losing the ball. Flamengo’s centre-forward was quick off the mark and escaped past Flavio to slot in number two.

All indications were that Flamengo was going to score a runaway victory, but Goiás shook off their depression and showed hoe gutsy they can be. They marked more efficiently in the midfield and managed to effectively neutralise Le and Iranildo. It was not long before they crept into Flamengo’s area.

A mistake in defence gave Goias the chance they needed. After 25 minutes left winger Marquinhos made a play down the left field and crossed into the area. Flamengo’s full backs could not control the ball, and they ended up scoring an own goal. The referee gave the goal to Marquinhos.

In the second half, Petkovic came on for Rodrigo Mendes in Flamengo’s attack. Flamengo hoped he would provide the cutting edge up front, but it was Goias that threatened first. After 5 minutes, Araujo made a great move and nearly equalised.
Petovik the made a great pass to Mozart who shot the ball well wide throwing away a great chance to widen the score margin. After 14 minutes, Petovik fed yet another great ball to Reinaldo, who hit the post with his shot.
After 25 minutes it was Petovik again who found Iranildo free in the area. The midfielder slid in to put number three on the scoreboard.

Goias went straight onto the counter attack to try and reduce the difference and three minutes later took advantage of a slip up in Flamengo’s defence to get one back. After 28 minutes Flamengo thought Dill was offside, the touch judge’s flag stayed down and Dill was off. Unmarked he passed to Araujo in the area, who made sure of number two for Goias.

Flamengo then decided to play to hold on to their victory. The tactic worked and they take their advantage through to the second leg game this Saturday. A game that could well have a very different ending.

America – Sport 2-1

From behind, which made the result all the more pleasing, America-MG won a fine victory over Sport Recife by 2 - 1 last Wednesday night (13 July) in the first round of the Copa dos Campeoes in the Almeidao stadium, Joao Pessoa.
The team from Minas Gerais thus only need a draw to go through to the semi-finals and possibly a place in the Libertadores Cup next year.
The winner of the first round will meet either Sao Paulo or Vitoria.

Sport set off on the offensive with a goal from Nildo after 40 minutes, after several other scoring chances.

America-MG reacted in the second half and Wellington equalised after 12 minutes after one-two in the area,

Just before the full time whistle blew, and when a draw looked like the only result Denis scored the winning goal for America-MG,

p. – Cruzeiro 3-1

I’m not willing to give a report :mad:

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The semi-finalists in the Champions Cup will be determined this Saturday (15/07) in the cities of Maceio and Joao - the competition winner earns a place in the Libertadores Cup in 2001.

Cruzeiro plays Palmeiras in the Rei Pele stadium in the first game in Maceio, followed by Sport vs. America-MG. In the Almeidao stadium in Joao Pessoa, Goias takes on Flamengo first and then Vitoria plays Sao Paulo.

Palmeiras having beaten Cruzeiro 3 - 1 in the first leg will classify even if they lose by a difference of one goal. Flamengo (who won 3 - 2) against America-MG (who in turn beat Sport 2 - 1) will play for a draw. Vitoria and Sao Paulo meet on even terms after a scoreless draw last Wednesday night.

The regulations of the competition state that the result will be decided by a penalty shoot out if both teams are equal in the number of goals and points.

The referees and touch judges for the games on Saturday are as follows:

Cruzeiro vs. Palmeiras – Macei0 - 1600hrs
Referee: Carlos Eugenio Simon (Fifa-RS)
Touch judges: Arnaldo Menezes Pinto (Fifa-BA) and Jose Edias Gusmao (AL)

Goias vs. Flamengo – Joao Pessoa – 1600hrs
Referee: Marcio Rezende de Freitas (Fifa-MG)
Touch judges: Jose Ribamar Melonio (Fifa-MA) and Ednaldo da Silva Almeida (PB)

Sport vs. America-MG – Maceio – 1800hrs
Referee: Paulo Cesar de Oliveira (Fifa-SP)
Touch judges: Milton Otaviano dos Santos (Fifa-RN) and Jose Jaime Bispo (AL)

Vitoria vs. Sao Paulo – Joao Pessoa – 1800hrs
Referee: Antonio Pereira da Silva (Fifa-GO)
Touch judges: Eduardo Cyrino de Menezes (Fifa-PB) and Marco Antonio Trindade (PB)

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...so now I will be the hardest Flamengo supporter for the semi :)

here's a little report on their quarters perf.

Flamengo classified for the semi-final of the Copa dos Campeoes (Champions Cup) without too much problem. They did not play the best but enough to beat Goias 1 - 0. Goias missed many opportunitites in their attempt to stay in the championship

Goias resorted to the same tactics as Flamengo in the first leg match – pressure from the start. However, the strategy did not work against Flamengo, a team that were winning 2 – 0 after 15 minutes in the first leg. Goias missed a lot of opportunities but could not turn the match in their favor. Fernandao missed three great opportunities in the first six minutes.

Flamengo dominated the midfield in the first half and after 15 minutes Petkovic fed agreat pass to Reinaldo who shot wide.

To the end of the first half Flamengo made the best of their first leg draw. Iranildo, Le and Petkovic were the dominant players in the first 45 minutes but it was Reinaldo who hit the post after 34 minutes.

Flamengo`s laissez-faire attitude began to create doubts regarding the team’s classification. After 34 minutes Fernandao crossed to Dill in the area who with only 1.68 metrers hit the post.

The Teams:

Flamengo: Clemer, Maurinho, Juan, Luis Alberto, Leonardo Inacio; Mozart, Leandro Ávila, Iranildo (Rocha), Le (Rodrigo Mendes); Petkovic(Jorginho) and Reinaldo

Goias: Harlei, Luciano Baiano, Sílvio Criciuma, Julio Cesar, Marquinhos; Tulio, Josue (Ze Carlos), Maraba (Michel); Fernandao, Dill and Araújo.
Coach: Helio dos Anjos

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Forca Flamengo ! :)

São Paulo and Flamengo both won their semi-final first-leg games by 2 x 1 , meaning that both only have to draw to go into the finals. Petkovic and Reynaldo found the net for Flamengo, while Taddei managed a solitary goal for Palmeiras, who played with ten men after newly-contracted defender Paulo Turra was sent off in the first half. Sport took the lead first in the other game of the night, Nildo opening the account after only four minutes. But Ilan took the home side level six minutes later, and Marcelinho gave victory to Sanpa in the second half.

Both teams need only a draw from the next matches to take the place in the finals. Sport and Palmeiras need to win by two clear goals to overturn the results, or one clear goal to take the game to penalties.

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hell yeah!!!
mengao ate a morte!!!
flamengo dominated the game, palmeiras did not have a good match n they were lucky to lose only by 2-1, they did not deserve to have scored a goal but $hit happens, it was one helluva a goal tho by thaddei...
i hate palmeiras so i was very pleased flamengo weer able to beat them...
seriously forgettin the fact that i hate palmeiras... have they signed anybody cuz i dont think theyre gonna be able to win anything with the team they had(+i heard pena is leavin),...although i would love to see them with a really crappy team, palmeiras still does represent brasil in many competitions, we hafta do somethin bout that :)
whats up with palmeiras' jersey? r they colorblind or somethni its been a while since ive seen so many colors that dont match on the same shirt...
damn straight alexx, we have to unite against the forces of evil:)... im jus kiddin. i dont mean in any way to offend palmeiras fans (just the team)jus kiddin again
i couldnt help myself

(this is a very one-sided view of the game since i love flamengo and hate palmeiras)

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...don't worry uDuD, we have quite a tradition in uniting against the forces of evil, as we are with da FIEL... and we are not kiddin, watcha say, Ze... :)

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