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Do you know who has twice deleted a post of mine from the Primeira Liga forum? - you or Razor?
If it was you can you please explain why?

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oh I should point it out..I see your ref comments as a way of instigating an argument in which people will say things that they do not want to say and will cause those people to be banned.

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you're abusing your position (as moderator) just like PDC.

I notice you didn't have the courage to say why until i chased an answer.

Can you censor posts on the Benfica forum?

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This is blatent censorship and is undefensible. Sure you can eliminate argument by purely not allowing anyone to say anything you happen to disagree with.
This is a message board not your private forum

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Sorry mate

Last time I checked, it's called SLANDER.
Unfortunately, the individuals who run this forum do not allow personal attacks, which I agree with, but have given everyone pen and paper when it comes to making accusations that are without foundation. Razor, Jan and even Marcoa fail to realize that when you make an accusation about someone taking a bribe or whatever you open yourself to what is called Slander. (Razor, the law in Canada and the USA is pretty much the same crap. I have casually mentioned this to friend who practices law in Canada and Florida and he has said the without a doubt I am right. Unfortunately, the Internet allows every bonehead to say what he /she wants without any judicial/civil recourse.)

I applaud Marcoa for what he has done because crap like that just instigates sh_t.
It goes without saying that I don't shy away from a scrap and I have said things that haven't been exactly kind. However, my nasty comments on this forum have always been as response to the verbal diarrhea that comes out of some members of this forum.

Consider yourself a champion of honour, integrity and respect!

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