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Celtic Superkids Run Wild!!!

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Celtic fielded a team without A SINGLE first choice player, yet destroyed hearts 4-1 at tyncastle today. the goals came from from Lynch (2) and Maloney (2) with Fuller getting hearts equaliser at the time.

Maloney hit his penalty off the post after arguing with lynch for the hat trick!

Jamie Smith played a great game, and showed why i feel he is one of the best up and coming stars.

The celtic youth team once again proved they are better than hearts best 11, but as gildea will say, they should get a better run in the 1st team during the season.

id like to think Smith will, as his runs straight through the hearts defence were really exciting!

but one thing you got to think of, thse bhoys are usedto each other in U21 games, so throwing 1 in the first team is harder to settle.

Maloneys free kick is definately worth seeing for any football fans.
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Great free-kick but Maloney is getting too big for his boots, He thinks he is better than everyone else. I've got friends who work at Parkhead who absolutely loathe him and his arrogance. These friends are die-hard Celtic fans but both I've spoken too want to knock him out.

I thought he was harsh not letting Lynch take the pen, he has already got a top-team hat-trick and Lynch hasn't.
Well I thought it was quite entertaining to see them fighting over the penalty, especially when they are great friends:D

It's good to see that they were both wanting to take the penalty, although to be honest Tommy Boyd should have shown more responsibility & told whoever to step down.

And when you have such a promising career ahead of you as Maloney (I said the same thing about Burchill though:rolleyes: :() you can afford to be arrogant. I don't think he should be, certainly not yet, & I've never been keen on arrogant people, but what do you expect when a bunch of morons are still willing to pamper them.
the problem with quite alot of young players at Rangers and Celtic is that they get arrogant and think they have already "made it" if they get near the first team squad - there is still alot of hard work to be done, but they prefer to act like superstars
i dont see it as arrogance at all, i think its important that strikers show the level of confidence taht they WANT to take a penalty. i was pleased to see him taking charge, it shows responsibility.

ok lynch was on a hat trick too, but maloney was free kick taker, so he can take the penalties too. look over the years, EVERY good striker at some points has maybe appeared arrogant from confidence. Nicholas was the last celtic great up front, and he sometiems appeared this way too.

burchill, although he possessed devastating pace, after watching him on a a goood few games, i realised he wasnt what he was cracked up to be. his agent probably bummed him up and thats why he left. maloney has more potential, as his ball skill are far better, but if you ask me the best player in the celtic youth ranks is jamie smith by far. discounting crainey of course, as i think he is now considered a first team player after single-handedly running the defence against rangers with an injured mjallby and past it tommy boyd.

but the main point i have to make is, arrogance and confidence sometimes cross over, but i dont think the youth palyers are arrogant. in the eyes of a STRIKER, would any of you give someone else the penalty if you were a striker? di canio (not the best example) didnt give cadete the ball for what wouldve been his hat-trick in all scottish competitions during a scottish cup tie, and many other players have done this too.
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discounting crainey of course, as i think he is now considered a first team player after single-handedly running the defence against rangers with an injured mjallby and past it tommy boyd.
I think Crainey has done brilliantly but I would enjoy watching Martin O'Neill if Vaalgaren, Balde & Sutton were available for the cup final.

I said after seeing Maloney last season that for all Celtic know they have a player like Paul Scholes on their books but we will never know because he will never get a guarunteed run of ten games to show what he has, this also applies to some of the other youngsters who currently look a bit special.

Man Utd have been the team of the decade built around a crop of young players (Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Neville brothes, Giggs and more recently Wes Brown), but it took severe bottle from Sir Alex to let established internationals go with these kids left to replace them, they have of course grown into full internationals and top drawer players (some of them). Can Celtic (or Rangers) afford to take that chance. Time will tell but I think not.
yea good points judge, but i think if you ca ncome into the first team and MAKE A DIFFERENCE and not just fill a jersey, then the youngboys will be regulars. i am certain crainey will feature a lot more next season, probably playing every league game during european competition, (which isnt much in scotland!) and play a lot more games over the season. i think crainey has proved himself, so far, maloney and co. havnt yet. i think smith has bset chance of breaking into the team, its been ages since i seen a player willing to take men on as much as him, with such quick feet. thats the annoying thing about agathe, and sometimes petta, not so much now petta, but you get the idea. whether he would do it in more meaningful games remains to be seen, but i am confident that he wouldnt let us down, i rate him higher than healy.
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