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We are in the same position most of us. I'm stuck in Hargeisa, Africa but instead of other sports we can watch European leagues(England , Italy, Spain and France) every week. But its not the same as those who are in Rome. ad can feel the temp.

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I still feel as if I am dreaming,I am stuck out in New Zealand where as a Rugby playing nation we rarely get to watch any soccer especially Italian apart from Satellite TV.I am so glad that I have the internet and am able to share my happiness with my many Lazio supporters and friends.
I only wish that I was there in Rome with you guys to really celebrate.Please if you were at the match or in Rome after the game let me know your feelings and the emeotion running through that great city...And Roma fans I am truly sorry that you will now have to sit in the shadow of us for a while as we conquer Europe next year.

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I have the same problem wain !
I'm stuck in Finland with no Lazio fans around. We live far away from Rome but lets not let it stand in our way.
We can also celebrate this great victory.

Forza Lazio !

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I too, live far away from the action. But in Australia we have Foxtel, which offers RAI International. I watched the Lazio game live, which crossed over to Perugia to show what was happening with Juve.

I love it!!! I know I wasn't there but I still saw all the excitement that occurred in Rome.

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In terms of celebration, same here...I know of no other Lazio fans to celebrate with! So no parties for me...I simply celebrated it alone.
At least, my friends who are non-Lazio fans were nice enough to congratulate me...I guess our victory is really a truly deserved one then, since so many other non-Lazio fans also say 'I think you really deserve the title'...
At least the TV station here in Jakarta,Indonesia was also nice enough! They were supposed to show the Perugia-Juve match live, but whenever Lazio scored they showed it in small screen. And later when that match was delayed, they switched to showing Lazio vs Reggina until the other match resumed. So at least, I had the opportunity to see some of the action live...(even a small part of the pitch-invasion ;) )
How I want to be in Rome at the moment...
Yeah our friends in Rome, do tell us how the celebration went, ok?

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I have celebrated the Lazio victory so that i have go all over the city Maribor wearing Lazio jersey ( Mihajlovic #11 ) !!!!!

There arent many people that love lazio :(
I think i am the only one ...
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