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Nobody cares about this?

2nd round was going on today, some upsets happened. :)

FT Burnley 3 - 0 Oldham Athletic
FT Cardiff C. 2 - 1 Milton Keynes Dons
FT Cheltenham 2 - 3 Stoke C.
AET Coventry C. 2 - 3 Newcastle U.
FT Crewe Alexandra 2 - 1 Bristol C.
AET Hartlepool U. 3 - 1 West Bromwich A.
FT Ipswich T. 2 - 1 Colchester U.
FT Leeds U. 4 - 0 Crystal Palace
FT Preston North End 0 - 1 Derby County
FT Queens Park R. 4 - 0 Carlisle U.
Pen. Rotherham U. * 0 - 0 Wolverhampton W.
FT Southampton 2 - 0 Birmingham C.
AET Swansea C. 2 - 1 Hull C.
AET Watford 2 - 1 Darlington
FT Wigan Athletic 4 - 0 Notts County
FT Bolton W. 1 - 2 Northampton T.
FT Middlesbrough 5 - 1 Yeovil
FT Reading 5 - 1 Luton T.

3 EPL teams are out, WBA, Hull & Bolton. :D

4 more EPL teams play tomorrow :

19:45 Huddersfield T. ? - ? Sheffield U.
19:45 Nottingham F. ? - ? Sunderland
19:45 West Ham U. ? - ? Macclesfield T.
20:00 Blackburn R. ? - ? Grimsby T.
20:00 Fulham ? - ? Leicester C.

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Draw on Saturday.

I hope you weren't counting Leeds' win against Palace as a shock,couldnt go due to other commitments, but was a very very easy match by all accounts.ITV said we wouldnt get an easier match all season.Good to see Warcock losing at ER for once.

Rotherham in the next round will do.

We'll win this we will :D

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We matched them in the 1st half but went a goal down. We ran riot in the second half, took the piss out of them and Maxi Gradel made a nuisance of himself. Fulham did not know what had hit them.

But two deflected goals and a Jimmy Bullard beauty gave them the victory. Gutted to say the least.

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Id say so too, Warnock even agreed, but we're in this hellhole of a league so might aswell enjoy it.

Bookies had us as favourites anyway, so all round pleased with the win.

Jibril you coming up to Leeds on boxing day ? Looking forward to it already.

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I'll be there. I can't miss it for the world. It's probably the only game, apart from Posh, that I'm really looking forward to. :)

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Tomorrow, I think. But the next round will be played a whole month from now.

So far we have :

EPL Arsenal
EPL Aston Villa
EPL Chelsea
EPL Everton
EPL Liverpool
EPL Manchester United
EPL Portsmouth
EPL Tottenham Hotspur
EPL Stoke
EPL Middlesboro
EPL Fulham
EPL Blackburn
EPL Wigan
EPL Newcastle
EPL West Ham
EPL Sunderland
EPL Man City OR League 1 Brighton
CCC Ipswich
CCC Burnley
CCC Southampton
CCC Sheffield United
CCC Cardiff
CCC Queens Park
CCC Swansea
CCC Reading
CCC Watford
CCC Derby County
League 1 Hartlepool
League 1 Leeds
League 1 Crewe
League 1 Northampton
League 2 Rotherham

So lame. I hope all League 1 and Rotherham get HOME games, so they have a fighting chance.

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Arsenal v Sheffield United
Brighton & Hove Albion / Manchester City v Derby County
Burnley v Fulham
Portsmouth v Chelsea
Blackburn Rovers v Everton
Rotherham United v Southampton
Swansea City v Cardiff City
Ipswich Town v Wigan Athletic
Stoke City v Reading
Leeds United v Hartlepool United
Watford v West Ham United
Manchester United v Middlesbrough
Liverpool v Crewe Alexandra
Aston Villa v Queens Park Rangers
Sunderland v Northampton Town
Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur

Oh come on, this is bullshit. Liverpool get a League 1 team at home again, Villa, Sunderland & Arsenal get home ties against lower opposition. While Chelsea gets the hardest fixture.

At least 5 draws with EPL teams facing each other, and we are guaranteed only 3 Non-EPL teams in the next round.

Rotherham gets a home tie against a League 1, so they have a chance. :)

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nice, an easy draw for liverpool at anfield.

newcastle v spurs is the strongest game in this phase, no doubt.
Come on... Its Pompey - Chelsea.

Youev given the tie there with 2 teams, who expect to win it with their overvalued underperforming (not in Newcastle case, theyre lower midtable).

Spurs will win it fairly comfortable I think.

Newcastle are overrated, typified by Soccersaturday yesterday by one of those idiots claiming they were impressed by Newcastle and could get a draw at Arsenal.

They drew a 1 man team in the form of Man Utd first game (who incidentally drew 0-0 to Reading previously and we all know what happened to them).

They scrapped past Bolton 1-0 and shouldve taken 1 point at most, i mean even friggin shit [email protected] owen scored.

Then they once again scraped past Coventry in the league cup despite been 2-0 up. Oh and then their best player left.

I think ill put some big money on Spurs winning because I seriously cant see Newcastle doing anything. Poor fans and Poor team.

Leeds should beat Hartlepool, but probably wont.

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Pompey vs Chelsea is a strong game. i do respect pompey, but they won`t be that tough rival for chelsea. they defeated against chelsea in the 1st round of the epl 4-0 two weeks ago although of their elegant show yesterday vs everton.

spurs and newcastle`s abilities are close to each other..both overrated and both has the same chances to win it.

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Oh come on, this is bullshit. Liverpool get a League 1 team at home again, Villa, Sunderland & Arsenal get home ties against lower opposition. While Chelsea gets the hardest fixture.
2003/04 CC: Notts County (D2) home
2003/04 CC: Reading (D1) away
2003/04 FAC: Watford (D1) away - needed a replay
2003/04 FAC: Scarborough (Conf) away
2004/05 CC: West Ham (D1) away
2004/05 FAC: Suncothorpe (D3) home
2005/06 FAC: Huddersfield (D2) home
2005/06 FAC: Colchester (D2) home
2006/07 FAC: Macclesfield (D3) home
2006/07 CC: Wycombe (D3) home/away
2006/07 FAC: Nottingham Forest (D2) home
2006/07 FAC: Norwich (D1) home
2007/08 CC: Hull (D1) away
2007/08 CC: Leicester (D1) home
2007/08 FAC: QPR (D1) home
2007/08 FAC: Huddersfield (D2) home
2007/08 FAC: Barnsley (D1) away

Yes, it's always so unfair on Chelsea. :cry:
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