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Carini Brilliant against the brazilians.

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everyone should read the game summary of the wc2002 qualifier of uraguay vs. brazil.....

it was a tie and i read that carini was BRILLIANT!

HE MADE GREAT SAVES...BRAZIL WAS CONTROLLING THE GAME IN THE SECOND HALF AND THEY COULDNT SOLVE CARINI BECAUSE OF HIS DIVING SAVES. the only goal he allowed was a penalty by rivaldo.....i dont know about you guys, but im really excited about this kid....i cant wait to see him play in a match....we have signed a great keeper for the future.

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Yes u guys signed 1 KEEPER 4 the not to distant future...
Where did you find thet summary?
I think he is great . I watched one game early this year
and he was superb.:)
Yeah, Fabo is really great. I saw the match too. I think he will do the best in Lazio :p
Peruzzi shouldnt feel so safe anymore to be the obvious number one choice next season.

Now that we got Fabo and Peruzzi what will Luca do? Will he retire?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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