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Fabio Capello has called for the World Cup to be a watershed in the way football approaches doping.

The Roma coach is adamant that drug-use is more widespread then many believe and that only in Italy are sufficient measures being taken.

"I had my doubts after some of the games we played this season. There were matches when donkeys became magnificent horses," he said.

"It's incredible - only in Italy have we discovered several cases of doping. This means we have stricter controls. I hope these controls will start to be used in the Champions' League - it's the only way to see fairer matches."

Capello also backed Giovanni Trapattoni's decision to leave Roberto Baggio out of Italy's summer plans. "Trapattoni has built up a group and he was right not to call on Baggio," he said.

The Brescia star's omission caused controversy in Italy, with many influential figures intervening on behalf of the Divine Ponytail.

"I am sorry for Roberto, but a team cannot depend wholly on one player," said Capello. "Even though I think Francesco Totti will be a decisive player, he still needs the right conditions to play to his best."

Capello will be travelling to the World Cup as a spectator. He expects France to win, as he feels there is a trend favouring defensive teams in the current climate.

"When you think of France - they won everything often playing only a single striker. Also, look at the Liverpool team of the 2000-01 season, they were very successful. Their success was founded on a solid defence and counter-attacks.

"Everyone has been lauding Real Madrid's atomic attacking force, but they only managed to come third in La Liga," he said.
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