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SUNDAY 18th of JUNE 2000!

Mr. Fabio Capello today recieved a very important award!

35 000 romisti waving their pissyred flags filled the new
as trigria stadium of dreams, among these morons journalists
spotted Mr.Sh!tHead himself Amendola, who was missing since
the 14th of May at 18:04. When aproached and asked where he
had been, he replied, " I brought the family to the famous resort called ROSI CONI, it was great, I thought it would be quiet but on arrival I found myself surrounded by thousands of romisti, I'm still trying to figure out why?"
Maybe he should ask the Laziali, surely they'll tell him why.
He then added that he had to cut is trip short for this special
presentation. Several awards were given out, starting from the first which
was recieved by Zago, he won the award for longest spit, I think
Simeone should also have recieved one for not puking when hit with
one straight in the mouth. The next one went to Montella,
this one also goes into the Guiness book of world records,
for the most substitutions in a single season. Fabio Junior recieved
his award for most stylish striker in the world, he was thrilled.
Delvecchio won the most ugly player award, but a few others were not
happy with decision, they felt they desrved this one. Aldair won the award for consecutive seasons played with il roma
and not winning sh!t with them. Tommasi won best hair cut
and Assuncao won the "Assuncao, ma come fai" award, they are
still trying to figure out what exactly he does. This award was
presented by il corriere do trigoria. Then Totti recieved
the award for best language skills, he's still trying to figure out
what was written on the trophy, and the morons are trying to figure out
what the hell he said in his speech.

But the BIG one was for Mr. Fabio Capello, when the mister arrived in
Rome last summer he said that he would bring back the SCUDETTO
to Rome, a promise he made and a promise he kept, because the SCUDETTO
did come back to Rome, the only mistake he made was he didn't say
on which side of the river it would end up in, but the man
made a promise and maintained it, so he got the award for MERDA DI PAROLA!!!

Corriere Di Trigoria

I heard Lazio won the prestigous award for underestimating teams in the CL.

Lazio - Feyenoord 1-2
Feyenoord - Lazio 0-0

Valencia - Lazio 5-2

Next year better....................;);););););)

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Scream, I won't say which award fiorentina won this year, my list would be never ending!!!
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