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The Football Association's hopes of improving its precarious relationship with Manchester United have been seriously undermined by fresh allegations that its new chief executive Brian Barwick is a self-confessed United hater.

‘The revelations were made yesterday by Greg ****, the former director general of the BBC, where Barwick was once deputy head of sport. He claimed that Ferguson had once described Barwick to him as "that bastard" and says his appointment will "certainly have ruffled feathers" behind the scenes at Old Trafford. "It wouldn't be going too far to say that he hates United and all they stand for," said ****.

‘Barwick, who will take up his new position on January 31, had switched off his mobile telephone last night but ****'s comments will be of intense embarrassment not just to him but also to the FA councillors who were responsible for his appointment. There was no comment from the FA last night.

‘One of Barwick's priorities as Mark Palios's successor is supposedly to heal the rift that has developed between Soho Square and Old Trafford in the wake of the Rio Ferdinand affair. However, **** all but confirmed Ferguson's long-held suspicion that Barwick, a Liverpool supporter, was responsible for United never winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year team award after their Double seasons in 1994 and 1996.

‘"Brian has never been a Manchester United fan," said ****, a former director at Old Trafford. "When I arrived at the BBC in late 1999 it was the year that Manchester United had won the Treble. Brian had recently left the corporation to take up his new role at ITV. So when it came to choosing the team of the year it was the first time for many years that Brian hadn't been involved.

‘"There was never any doubt that the award had to go to United and the whole team plus Sir Alex turned up to collect it. So I was rather surprised a week or so later when I got a call from Sir Alex, who thanked me for making sure United had won. I hadn't done anything and was puzzled. Alex explained there was no way United would have won if 'that bastard' Barwick had still been there."

‘**** added: "I said that I was sure Brian would never have let his hostility to United stand in the way of the right decision. The next time I saw Brian I relayed what Alex had said. 'Too bloody right,' he said. 'They'd never have won it if I was there.' I think he was joking. I hope so for the sake of peace at the FA."’


great :rollani: He hates what we stand for, and yet every other club is following suit in regards to the money side of things. Does that mean he hates everyone?
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