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it seems like cragnotti and tanzi have agreed to a deal that will bring cannavaro to lazio next season. this is a rumor that seems to be very true, so expect some official confirmation soon.

wow, lazio is making me so happy. is this the beginning of many years of championship wins!!!:):)


cragnotti is the greatest president ever if he does bring cannavaro here.

FORZA LAZIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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I truly agree on this one. Just imagine Nesta and Cannavaro alongside... i already feel pity for the strikers in the other teams. :) Not to forget Mihajlovic, but, really, he ain't that good anymore. One more season - ok. But then, with Nesta and Cannavaro - Gate closed! :)

So, let's hope this rumor is true and that we will have an officiall confirmation soon.

Also - welcome Hernan to the champs!!!

Forza Lazio!!!
I once read here that a few of the players who will never leave Parma are Thuram and Cannavaro. Now with Thuram anxious to Leave, i don't find that so hard to believe that Canna is on his way to lazio. if he does come, Lazio is complete and i join by saying: I agree with you guys.

I hope he will come, because he and Nesta ARE the 2 best sweepers in the world, and they've shown it in Euro 2000.

I'm such a huge fan of this guy...

Cannavaro alongside Nesta!! Can we HAVE a stronger wall than that?
I don't think so.

If Cannavaro ends up joining Lazio, as well as Figo, we'll be unstoppable :)
Is it true?? Please someone tell me if it's true :)
I'm affraid if this only a rumour, but if it's truly happen, i'd be very happy :)
Cannavaro and Nesta, do we need another defender?? Or should we play 2-5-3 from now on?? :D
Anyway, i hope it's become reality even not for this year.
Fiore, Giannichedda, and now Cannavaro, Grazie Craggnoti.
Has this guy got a money tree?
We better not turn out in sooooo much dept like Real Madrid!
Hey Labas if you read this plz tell me, how come Real are in so much dept but they can keep on buying players :confused:

El Matador, is all about C-O-R-U-P-T-I-O-N!! :eek:
It's like my navite country..upss I did not mean to say this :)
Anyway, I don't know what happens with Real Madrid.

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a replica of the italian national team. and the combination could be use for many, many years to come.
Cannavaro to Lazio from 2001? Perhaps it is true.
Parma has bought a young danish Defender Martin Lauersen from Verona from 2001 for 6,5 mill pounds, so they allready got a replacement who has Serie A experience and is playing on a national team.

Just a thought
Laursen will replace him, we know:)

BUT if we sell canna(wich i still doubt) we will screw cragnotti again, we will take like *****, Stankovic + lots of money, he and then we will buy another great champion defender!
No thanx!!
WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!

The symbol of Parma belongs at ............ that´s right PARMA !!! I would love to have him at Lazio but it would feel waaay wrong !!

Cragnotti needs to invest in the youth system so we can raise our own players - Nesta is the player we love most 1) because he´s mothxrfuxking great 2) he´s Lazio :)

So Canna at Parma and we´ll go hunt for someone else.

The only positive thing about the whole deal is that Cragnotti is finally looking at defenders again :)
Svennis... Cannavaro is Parma ? I really don't think so !
He was just bought to Parma from Napoli because he was great already when he was young.
Cannavaro is great and has played a lot for Parma, but he is not Parma and he is very welcomed to Lazio... whenever he wants !! :)


Mattias is right, Crespo was as much Parma as Cannavaro is. Our real symbol is Buffon. He's played for Parma since he was 14 years old. So, at least in part, he is a product of our very own youth system.
Yeah make your own stars!

BTW you made them but also sold them: Di Fiordo to Fermana
and Pinzi to Udinese:(
Come on, you don't have to be 'produced' by a club's youth system, to become its face!
Take Beppe Signori for example!

Being italian, being among the top 5 defenders in the world, being a cornerstone of Gli Azzuri he´s more the symbol of Parma then any player including Thuram and Buffon ( a goalie can´t really be the symbol of a team .. maybe to a small group of die hard fans but .. not really ).

I would love to have Canna in Lazio but I still feel it´s wrong - however I won´t complain if he should join :) but it´s a bit like going naked to church.
svennis, you always say things like way wrong, shouldn't , no, ... , why Canna wouldn't join Lazio ?? Why woul'd you feel wrong ?! I wouldn't feel wrong, i 'd be VERY happy ! I don't know, plz tell me... :)
I can understand Svennis' thoughts on the subject, since I feel the same way. However, this is football... There's absolutely nothing we can do about it!
I feel better, much much better when we're creating StarS instead of just getting them. Although I hate ManU so much, I've gotta admit that most of their successful players are products of the youth system (in fact most of their big buys have flopped :D ). It'll be great to have more players like Nesta...
Sure I don't mind Cannavaro joining Lazio but I'd still prefer someone from our youth system, or someone who isn't a star yet to join Lazio (and then we'll make him ShinEEE!).

:eek: You really shouldn't have mentioned about corruption in our country :eek: Real can at least achieve success amid the turmoil in their finance status, but us? Nothing but trouble and trouble and the inflation... 1 Sin$ was only Rp. 1800 when I went to S'pore but now it's $5600 :mad:
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