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Can Veron and Pirlo co-exist?

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It's been a hot topic recently in this forum,so let's talk about it!!In my opinion,They can!Veron and Pirlo are different,Veron is more of a central midfielder,he is very comprehensive,with certain amount of defensive ability,he helps to link the defense and attack,spread the ball around the field,has great skills and no doubt a classy player!!Pirlo is more a attacking midfielder behind the strikers,help creating chances for the strikers but not really a midfielder,his skills and potentials are no need to talk about!So if Veron really comes,he can play in the central midfield with Gigi di Biagio and Pirlo behind the strikers!They can still co-exist!!!I think Veron is worth getting,he is a real classy player!!This is what Inter need to add to the midfield,class!!Just look at Juve and Lazio's to know why we are overlooked!6OM USD?!Does money really a matter ever for Inter?The real victim I think would be Seedorf,as he is the same type of player with Veron (not the same class of course) and he would go as an exchange as Eriksson want his old buddy in Sampdoria!!Anyway,it's just what we guess now,so we'll see how things goes!!Time will tell!!!

Forza INTER!!!
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yes veron is a midfielder and pirlo is a player behind strikers
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