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" ¡No firmé
nada! "
" ¡ Hola amigos! Estoy en Paris
desde una semana con mi
familia. Después de la
ceremonia en el Crillon con
todo el equipo. Cada uno se
fue en vacaciones o con su
familia. Me fui con mis padres
en Elancourt para encontrar toda mi familia. Y dirección mi
pequeño apartamiento que tomé en Saint Germain donde me
esperaba mi novia. "

Compré ropas.

" No sé desde cuanto tiempo no he pasado una semana
completa y serena en Paris. Muchos meses, quizás años. Y
puedo decirles que aguento como un loco para comprarme
ropas. Paris es el reino de las ropas. Nos paseábamos con
Doug y Nino (Sylvain Wiltord). Algunos almuerzos con Mouss
Diouf y Jamel Debouzze. En los Champs Elysées también
cenamos el día de la primera función de " Old School. " Es
una pequeña película que hicieron dos jóvenes con solo 10
150 000 pesetas. Juegan Bernard Lama, Ali Benarbia, Smaïn,

Soy todavía en el Real.

" Se dice que firmé para el PSG. ¡Me hace reír! Estoy todavía
en el Real hasta nuevo aviso. No puedo decir que no estoy
hablando con el PSG. Digo et siempre dije que el PSG es mi
club de siempre... Pero lo repito : nada esta firmado. Y nada
será decidido antes el próximo lunes, martes o miércoles y
les juro : Ustedes de mi sitio Internet serán los primeros


" Me voy en vacaciones pero no les digo todavia donde. Será
una sorpresa para Ustedes y muchos amigos.

Hasta pronto. "


can some one please trnslate this to english this breakthrough news on anelkas transfer to PSG

it is in spanish.

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It basically means this:
"I have not signed anything!"
I have been in Paris for a week just enjoying my time after the Euro Triumph and to visit some relatives and friends...

...I am still a Real Madrid player...
There are rumours suggesting that i have signed for PSG!That really makes me laugh!I'm still, to the best of my knowledge, a Real player. I say and have been saying for ever that PSG has always been the team of my hearts. However, i repeat, Nothing has been signed yet and nothing will be decided before next monday, tuesday or wednesday and i swear that you people from my official site will be the first ones to be informed of anything, should something happen."
For now, i'll be taking some vacations in a secret place (surprise!) and take care all of you great Real fans ,my fans and my friends.

CU all very soon.

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Actually the Anelka story is a mystery. The press that printed this (L' Equipe and Marca) were saying that the whole thing was agreed to be kept a secret up until the Real Madrid elections in order not to influence the voters against Sanz.

You don't know what to believe anymore... :(

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Here is an extract from an article on http://www.onefootball.com that is related. The rest of this article takes from an older article that is already posted on this board.

Anelka rubbishes PSG return - this week
Sunday 9th July 2000

Reports that Nicolas Anelka will quit Real Madrid this week and return to Paris Saint-Germain in a deal worth £20 million have been called "rubbish" by his agent, brother Didier - although the player himself has suggested he
could move next week.

"I don't even want to comment, there is nothing to say, it's just rubbish," Didier Anelka told AFP.

But Nicolas Anelka confirmed on Monday: "I am still at Real until the new board comes in." He then, however, went on to suggest that a return to Paris was very much on his mind.

"I am not going to tell you that there have been no discussions as I have never hidden the fact that PSG have always been my club. But I repeat to you: nothing, absolutely nothing has been signed.

"And nothing will be decided before next Monday, Tuesday or
Wednesday and I swear to you that you will be the first to know."

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I saw it on other spanish newspapers too (el mundo, el mundo deportivo, libredirecto) while the official Real Madrid commented "We are neither confirming nor denying the deal" (NOT Sanz, but Jose Ignacio Rodrigo who is the temporary president up until the elections as I've read).

They say that it's a pre-contract, kind of like the Figo case for a final amount of 5.300 mil. ptas. If Sanz gets elected, Anelka will be gone within 24 hours, while if Florentino gets elected the whole thing starts over (will he stay, will he go, where he'll go etc)

I believe the deal is done as well.

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It certainly seems that he is leaving here. Nico also just bought a place in Saint Germain (where PSG trains).
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