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Can someone list the U-21 italians?

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can someone list them and analyse them?
Because i really want to know if any of them are planning to leave their current club and sign for a bigger club.

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Here are the 25 players called by Tardelli:
Abiatti (Milan)
De Sanctis (Udinese)
Grandoni (Torino)
Zanchi (Udinese)
Medzanno (Brescia)
Cirillo (Reggina)
Rivalta (Perugia)
Ferrari (Bari)
Gattuso (Milan)
Baronio (Reggina/ Lazio)
Firmani (Vicenza)
Perotta (Bari)
Vannucchi (Salernitana)
Zanetti (Roma)
Coco (Torino/ Milan)
Pirlo (Reggina/ Inter)
Ventola (Bologna)
Comandini (Vicenza/ Milan)
Spinesi (Bari)

Besides these are called Margiotta forwrad (Udinese), Scarlato mid(Vicenza), Fusco def (Empoli)
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hey i've already write the team!!!!!!!
Hey, Nick don't be angry at me, I didn't see it, I apologize. :) Plus there are some differences in both of the squads (for example Graffiedi is missing due to his awful injury), and these guys I know are in the group for the Euro that Tardelli made.
yeah did you see the game between italy and ivory coast,italy won 2-0
goals from girardino(piacenza) and cassano(bari),non of them in your team.
like i said before,the team i made was what i though not the official team,i missed some players that is really good
especially mezzano and vanucchi(don't know if he plays in toulon cup)
anyway im happy that more than i know the italian u-21 team.
we'll see which of them that will make it big.enzo maresca is a genius!!!!
watch out for him in the future.....
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