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Can FRANCE win this WC?

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France has just beaten South Korea 3-2 for his last preparation match... but I must admit France really sucked despite victory.

Our defense has weakened undoubtedly and there is no more the automatism which made this team so competitive.

Morevover, Zidane has been injured (muscular problem seemingly) and we still don't know if he will be able to recover for the first match against Senegal.

Pires, out since a long time, is a player that will be very missed during the World cup.

I am afraid we won't go very far in this World cup, I even don't know if we are able to reach 1/8 finals (ie finish at least 2nd from our group).

I am very pessimistic and I DON'T THINK FRANCE WILL WIN THIS WORLD CUP. :(

I am sure all French bashers are happy of that...

Anyway, our team deserves respect for what it has achieved (ie WC, Euro and conf cup) but every good stories has an end...

We could be the underachievers of this World cup (just hope I am not right...)

Allez les bleus, let's fight till the end!!!
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well, you french guys are very extremist. first you feel like the unbeatle and stopable super team, and now this.
you are not as good as we are, but you are not as bad as the brazies :D ;)

utopia said:
let the historic Argie-Brazie semi take place:cool:

that would be one the best matches of this century.
Ze da Fiel said:
But then again we still have Havelange.you have to contend yourself with grondona!:eek: ;) :tongue: :D :D :D
well, if this guy hayatau beats blatter in tomorrows election, southamerican teams may be in trouble.
how influential would this election be in the WCs future????
i dunno, but i hope blatter wins again.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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