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And as for your post... Its really hard to say who will win... Both have different styles.. Miha prefers the nice curly chip while Carlos goes for the powerful low curly shot... Adv. of Miha's way is that if he gets it right it is impossible to save the ball because he puts it in a very hard to angle to reach... Adv. of Carlos's way is that it is really powerful, even if the keeper gets to it it will be hard to stop it... However I think Miha's style is more effective because he actually knows where the ball is going.. While carlos just chooses some area and shoots strong there, but he does not exactly know where it is going and the proof is that lots and lots of Carlos's Free kicks hit the wall right ? I think he means to kick it just to the corner and passing beside the wall but he does not put too much concentration as Miha does thats why he fails more to score from free kicks..

Update me if this competetion is ever going to take place :)

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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