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Cambiassio 2000 and 2001

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Check his website and leave your speakers on.

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That's because the address is:
...and I hope you speak Spanish :)
So R&B, do you see it yet?:)
.....if so.......What do you think about him? useful? or dud?
People i just went to Cambiasso's site!
I have to admit i had never even heard of him but once i just saw ONE SINGLE play of this fantastic young talent, i believe that his name will be associated with greatness in the next decade!
Guys and girls, make yourselves a favour and on the Cambiasso site, once you've entered, please download his "jugada" (his play) you will be dazzled, puzzled, marveled... you name it!!!you won't regret it!I have it on my PC and i can't stop watching it!!!
When will he be playing for real (as i believe he was boubht by Real!)
God bless Cambiasso!
Thanks for telling us San Siro. I told you guys this guy is said to be the future of the midfield, and i wasn't wrong:D He has been Real Madrid property since the age of 15, but he wa constantly being loaned out to Independiente, because of his non EU status and the fact that he was simply home sick. Now he's hit good ol' 19 and he can be a regular in our first team, I mean Redondos days are numbered, as much as we (R&B) like him. At least we have a player who can immediately take his place:D
I've never seen cambiasso. How would you describe his plays?
go to his site and see :D
I've downloaded the video from the website and the trick is indeed quite nice, like you said San Siro.:D I hope he pulls some of those in Real this season:D
its in spanish
can someone give the link of the video over here in his replu
Enter the website and at the bottom there is this pic, with somehting written. All I know is the file is called JUGADA.ZIP. So if you find that, well you're home. I don't know spnish either, but at least I've used my head:D
does anyone else one know about anyone elses personal webpage
iknow abouy anelkas: http://www.nicolasanelka.net
Well, Raul Gonzalez will have one up soon, but I don't know the adress yet. How does a page like this work? Do the guys there have any contact with the player himself? I am gonna start making my home page about Real Madrid, when I get my cable internet running, so something like mid-august, I hope. But if i would like to make a page about Raul, would I have to have ciontact with the guy himself?
I don't think you have to have a special licence to do a Raul page, therefore I'd say there's no need for you to contact him. There's hardly a Legal Framework for the
Web anyway! Just state that it's an unofficial one.
Yeah, but I was wondering about an OFFICIAL website:)
I know that a lot of athletes (or music bands, actors etc) who decide to have an official site just hire some professionals (from their own country in most cases), register their domain and they're good to go! They do it alone in 99% of the occasions (for marketing reasons mainly). Now, for an unofficial page to turn official for being so good... I don't know, I think that it must be very rare, but for this to happen, a contact between the creator and the athlete/artist must be a prerequisite (not an easy task I'm afraid :( )

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Cambiasso was born on August 18, 1980, so he turns 20 next month.
Well, this is the last moment to bring him in. 20 is not yng any more, definitely not the teenager I thought he was. Are you sure about this? Maybe he turns 19?:rolleyes:
Ok i brought back this topic since Cambiasso seems to be the man to talkabout these days :D

BTW here is a link to his official site where you can find lots of videos of his goals. So lets download them and see what our scouting feeling tells us :)

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