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Camatcho announced 12 of the 22 members of the squad which will travel in Spain.There has been some surprises since Julen Guerrero and Salva were left out.No keepers were included.

The 12

Abelardo (Barcelona)
Paco (Zaragoza)
Sergi (Barcelona)
Velasco (Celta)
Aranzabal (Real Sociedad)
Guardiola (Barcelona)
Engonga (Mallorca)
Fran (Deportivo)
Etxeberria (Bilbao)
Alfonso (Betis)
Munitis (Sandader)
Urzaiz (Bilbao)

Ok,we know that the rest 10 players will be chosen from the teams that still have to play games (Real Madrid & Valencia for the CL,Espanyol & Atletico Madrid for the Copa final) The three goakeepers are obviusly Molina,Canizaras and Juanmi.We also know that Raul,Morientes,Mendieta,Valeron and Hierro are definitely in so we have to find 2 more players from these 4 teams who will go to the Euro_One of them is likely to be Helguera.Farinos is the favorite for the second spot unless he makes a surpise and includes Campo or Guti or Karanka or even Gerard (highly unlikely).Aguilera wont be chosen since he has already two right backs.In my opinion he will choose Farinos and Helguera.

Any given Sunday,you either win or loose.That's FOOTBALL...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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