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Camacho have a new formation

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In the game against Northen Ireland we played with 4/2/3/1 formation and with the great performance and the great result i think that it will be our formation in the world cup coz with 2 players near the defence like petit and Viera in france ,we will solve alot of Defensive problems.Camacho have picked alot of defensive midfielders coz he has this plan in his mind.so i picked a paper and tried to put 2 players in their position:

GK : Cassillas and Canizares and ?
LB : Juan Fran and ?
RB : Curro Torres and ?
CB : Puyol and ?
CB : Hierro and Nadal
DM :Heleguera and Albelda
DM :Baraja and Sergio
RM :Joaquin and Mendieta
LM :DE Pedro and ?
AM :Raul and Valeron
FW :Morientis and Tristan

But i am not sure about three players Puyol,Heleguera and Mendieta as they can play in two positions.I have seen the match against Northen Ireland and i am sure that Camacho will not play Hierro and Nadal Together .and also he will not play Raul and Valeron together coz as he say they can't defend .
In Northen Ireland Match he play :

Puyol Hierro Nadal Juan Fran

BAraja Albelda

Joaquin Raul De Pedro

at the start of the second half he made some subs. :

Curro Torres for NAdal
Heleguera for Albelda
Valeron for Joaquin
Mendieta for De pedro



Torres Puyol Hierro Fran

Baraja Heleguera

Valeron Raul Mendieta


then at 75:Sergio for Hierro
Cassillas for Canizares

so heleguera returned to defence and sergio take his place.

The think that i am not sure of it where Mendietawill play coz when he played in the match he were switching places with Valeron and sometimes Raul.WHAT DO U THINK GUYS?,In my opinion it will great formation for us and with it we can win WC.
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