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I came across this on the forzabesiktas forum. We as BJK fans need to do whatever we can to stop the injustice in the TFF. I urge all of you to send this email to FIFA. It is the least we can do....

Fèdèration Internationale de Football Association

We as BESIKTAS fans are extremely disappointed and concerned about the latest developments in Turkish Football. Most recently, it has been speculated (and proven) that FENERBAHCE was involved in illegal activities in the form of bribing players of other teams (in this instance: Istanbulspor).
We as BEŞİKTAŞ fans are simply interested in watching and following a Turkish Superleague that is just, clean and honorable. We want to be able to congratulate the champion team, and share in joy and happiness. We know football does not just consist of 22 players and a ball and we also know that the same team can not win the championship every year.
But we are now absoloutely sure that there is more happening in the Turkish league than meets the eye.The Media, the Mafia and board members of Certain clubs have managed to illegally influence the outcome and successfully manipulate the league. In order to clarify the matter, we would like to present you with some details:

REFEREES : Referee decisions (or 'errors' as they are referred to) have been the most influential factor in Turkish football over the last 2 years. We can easiily present you with hundreds of examples of cynical decisions (or actions) by Turkish referees. BESIKTAS has been the victim of MANY scandolous whistles blown by Turkish referees, including outrageous red cards. We understand that players should be punished for their actions, but if a referee is IGNORING the actions of one team while punishing the other with ridicoloous cards, we have every reason to doubt their intentions. Furthermore, Besiktas referees have received the LOWEST evaluation grades, week in and week out. This cannot just be a 'coincidence'. If referees are making catastrophic 'errors' EVERYWEEK against the SAME TEAM. This leaves much to be investigated. Many former referees have come out in the press and claimed to have been presented with illegal bribes by board members of Turkish teams, but the Turkish football federation has failed to take their claims seriously or launch an investigation!
The problem is that these corrupt referees still have their status and some of them have very high authority withinin Turkey’s refereeing committee.
If you can find time to watch Turkey’s league or cup matches (which have so many refereeing errors) and compare them with the way Turkish public opinion discusses these mistakes, you might be able to better understand the inequality in the league.We also believe these referees are nominated for FIFA accolations because they receive orders (We think from Turkish football federation or statemen) and successfully complete their missions!
Please be carefull launch an investigation into their history and performances! You will find out that they are NOT nominated by the Turkish refereeing commission for a FIFA cockades for their success, but rather due to them obeying the directions handed down to them by certain authorities. We beg you to watch last years BEŞİKTAŞ matches (specifically the Samsunspor, Genclerbirligi, matches.) We also request you watch some of our matches this year to check the performances of referees…
You should easily be able to see the ill intent in their actions and decisions.

BOARD MEMBERS OF THE CLUBS: Some board members of certain clubs have made irresponsible declarations affecting fans and resulting in hooliganism or stadium terror.
The same board members also supply financial assistance to groups or individuals spearheading hooligan activities. They hand thousands of free tickets to hooligans.
I is also widely known that some of them have made declarations about the tricks employed or bribes given to players on other teams.
.The latest speculation is about the İstanbulspor AŞ-Beşiktaş JK match wich was played during the second half of the 2003-2004 season..
Just after that match, a member of the FENERBAHCE SK board (His initials: A.Y) transferred 600.000.000.000 TL.(600.000 YTL) to the official account of İstanbulspor AŞ. After the transaction, money was divided and directly transferred to account of Istanbulspor players which played in the match!!!

MAFIA :We are very sorry to inform you that the MAFIA is directly involved in Football in Turkey. There has been MANY reports about how Mafia boss Sedat Peker (also a close friend of Fenerbahce board members and the Fenerbahce president) directly influenced the outcome of the league. BESIKTAS players have been roughed by 'shady' people before some games, and yet again, the federation has failed to investigate!
The more we bring up these topics, the more the media and the federation ignores our claims. They even go as far asto make US into a scapegoat, and blame us for 'whining' when we are simply interested in justice.
Will the Federation launch an OBJECTIVE and full investigation into these matters? We sincerely don't believe they will because the current TFF boss was elected through blatant support of the president of FENERBAHCE SK.

This is the story.
We hoping you take our claims seriously, and do not listen to the cover up excuses of Turkish authorities.
If you objectively evaluate Turkey’s super league matches, and view last year and this year’s matches, you will be able to better understand what the ruckus is about and why we think Turkish football is headed towards the gutter.
There is no justice, because those in places of influence (and those who SHOULD be objective) are the ones manipulating the league.
We are very sorry to inform you that we've run out of all options in regards to rectifying the situation or ensuring a full and objective investigation is launched, so we are left with no other choice but to send our claims directly to you.
Please take our arguments into consideration and do something about this pathetic league full of bribery, theft, injustice, and manipulation. We await good news from you ASAP.

Thanks&Best regards ,
BJK spectators group ; ÇARŞI

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