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Parma will sign Galletti at the end of the season
Parma will sign at the end of the season Luciano
Galletti, Italian-Argentinian player, on loan to

Parma want Kenneth Andersson
Parma want Bologna's forward Kenneth Andersson.
He could be an alternative striker for the double

Lazio, Massimo Cragnotti: 'We want one out Crespo Batistuta and Vieri
Massimo Cragnotti, son of the Lazio president,
says, 'We won't change too much for next year but
we'd like a top class striker: Crespo, Batistuta
or Vieri.'

Lazio, Nesta: 'Come on Parma!'
Alessandro Nesta and his Lazio team-mates are all
Parma fans now. 'Parma are not yet certain of the
Champions League. We hope they'll be at their
best to catch Juve. But Juve are in control still,
and if they win they'll be champions.'

Parma, young amateur will get a test
Giuseppe Incatasciato is a 23 year old young
footballer who spent last five days outside
Parma's training centre bouncing a ball with his
fett in the hope to be noticed. And he really got
it. Parma will have him test with one local team
sponsored by Parmalat, and doors may open to him.

Velez Sarsfield's officer confirms Parma are ready to sign Husain
Parma are set to sign Argentine midfielder
Claudio Husain from Velez Sarsfield this summer,
his club vice president Juan Carlos Gonzalez said.
According to him, just a few minor details have to be defined yet.
The price to pay for the player is about 8 million dollars.

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Galleti is already ours isn't he, he's just loaned to Napoli.
K. Andersson well could be a better back up than Di Viao and stanic might leave.
Crespo won't be sold to lazio!
Stupid Lazio sell vieri and wanting to buy him back for more, idiots, they buy and sell to fast and not inconsistant.
Batigoal was going to inter wasn't he because when he goes to Lazio they have only
like 2 players when argentina plays a national game, almeyda, veron, simeone, senisi, lopez and batigoal phew
I didn't know you could become a proffesional footballer just by bouncing a ball infront of a clubs training ground.
He 23 a bit old eh.
Lazio Parma fans yeah right!
Husain i almost singed isn't he?

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Amo, sorry, but this time I have to treat Willem Sterk the same way he treats Lazio. You know I'm a Parma admirer, but I feel I must reply to Willem's post. I will try to do it in the calmest way.

Willem, perhaps you know that Cristian Vieri is uneasy at Inter and it's no secret that he wants to come back to Lazio. Maybe he thinks Lazio are a better team than Inter, or more probably he thinks that night-clubs in Rome are better than those in Milan. So, it seems that he asked for a move back to Lazio. And as Lazio somehow need that kind of player, they could buy him back. As for Lazio selling Vieri last season, the money from that sale were used to buy an excellent player that you should know very well, an Argentinian playmaker called Juan Sebastian Veròn.

As for Lazio supporting Parma next Sunday, tell me, is that really so strange? If Parma were fighting for the scudetto with Juventus, and there was Juventus-Lazio, what would you do? Would you support Lazio, so that Parma have still a chance to win the scudetto? Or in a clear act of masochism, would you support Juventus?


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You are right aqauli, but i still think it was a bit stupid to sell Vieri in the first place, i also think that Inter won't let him go back, maby Jardel will be a good option
Did you saw him this weekend, supb 2 goals + a a la rivaldo action.
Also big clubs won't sell big players after a year, maby wait another year?
About the lazio-parma fan thing, ok your true, guess i was still a bit angry about not winning against Udinese
Thank you for the calm attitude, i don't like this aggresive behaveour.
And it seems we togheter want that Parma takes at least one piont from the Juve game.
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