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A Congratulations must be given to the amatuer team of Calais, who against all odds beat first division top team Girondins Bordeaux in extra-time with 3 goals to 1.
4th division team Calais became the first amatuer team to reach the Final of the French Cup. How such a top team such as Bordeaux, who played in the Champions League this season managed to lose to a 4th division team is a mystery?, or can anyone clarify it?

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Simple, where do good players come from ? Apparently from these amateur clubs right ? Maybe this club has some really good players and thats why they were able to make it...

Anyway the question is if this team wins the cup, will this serve the french league or not ?? I dont think so, the guys will be kicked out of the early rounds of the European competitions...They might be good, but they dont have any experience which is one of the most important factors in soccer..

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