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CAF Confederation Cup 2012

Title holders: MAS (Morocco)

Byes: ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast), CO Meknès (Morocco), Warri Wolves (Nigeria), St. Eloi Lupopo (DR Congo), US Tshinkunku (DR Congo), Club Africain (Tunisia), Entente Sétif (Algeria), Al Ahly Shandy (Sudan), Heartland (Nigeria), CS Sfaxien (Tunisia), ENPPI (Egypt), CO Bamako (Mali), Wydad Casablanca (Morocco), AS Real de Bamako (Mali), InterClube (Angola) and Al Amal Otbara (Sudan).

First Round

1st Leg: 17-19 February 2012
2nd Leg: 1-3 March 2012

Dragons de l'Ouémé (Benin) 1-0 Étoile Filante
Étoile Filante (Burkina Faso) 2-0 Dragons de l'Ouémé

Nania FC (Ghana) v Séquence (*)
Séquence (Guinea) v Nania FC
(*) Nania FC withdrew

Union Douala (Cameroon) 1-0 Kallon
Kallon (Sierra Leone) 2-0 Union Douala

Black Leopards (South Africa) 1-1 Motor Action
Motor Action (Zimbabwe) 0-2 Black Leopards

Red Arrows (Zambia) 0-0 Royal Leopards
Royal Leopards (Swaziland) 1-0 Red Arrows

Mangasport (Gabon) 0-1 St. George
St George (Ethiopia) 4-0 Mangasport

Kiyovu (Rwanda) 1-1 Simba
Simba (Tanzania) 2-1 Kiyovu

Ferroviário de Maputo (Mozambique) 3-0 Gor Mahia
Gor Mahia (Kenya) 0-1 Ferroviário de Maputo

Sewe Sports (Ivory Coast) 0-1 US Haut Nkam
US Haut Nkam (Cameroon) 0-0 Sewe Sport

AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville) 2-0 AS Tempete Mocaf
AS Tempete Mocaf (Central African Rep.) 2-2 AC Leopards

Lydia LB Academic (Burundi) 3-0 Atlético Semu
Atlético Semu (Eq. Guinea) 0-2 Lydia LB Academic

Renaissance (Chad) 2-0 Sahel
Sahel (Niger) 2-2 Renaissance

Desportivo Mansabá (Guinea Bissau) v Invincible Eleven (*)
Invincible Eleven (Liberia) v Desportivo Mansabá
(*) Desportivo Mansabá withdrew

Gamtel (Gambia) 1-0 Casamance
Casamance (Senegal) 1-0 Gamtel [2-4 after pen.]

Extension Gunners (Botswana) 2-1 TANA Formation
TANA Formation (Madagascar) 2-0 Extension Gunners

Jamhuri (Zanzibar) 0-3 Hwange
Hwange (Zimbabwe) 4-1 Jamhuri


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Ghana legend's club pull out of Confederation Cup
By Michael Oti Adjei in BBC Sport, Accra

Ghana legend Abedi 'Pele' Ayew's club has been forced to withdraw from the Conferation Cup at the last minute.

Nania FC's major sponsors have pulled out, leaving them without enough funds to sustain a continental campaign.

The decision comes just two days before they were due to host Sequence FC of Guinea in the opening round.

"Abedi feels bad that it has come to this, but after exploring all options the club decided it was better to pull out," spokesman Fiifi Tackie said.

Nania FC play in the Ghana second division but a tremendous run in the Ghana FA Cup last year saw them claim an extra-time victory over Asante Kotoko in the final to qualify for the second-tier continental club competition.

Their withdrawal at this late stage could lead lead to sanctions against the club.

The tournament will still have some high profile involvement though.

Former Inter Milan and Monaco striker Mohamed Kallon will be in action with his own club, Kallon FC, as they take on Cameroon's Union Douala on Sunday.

"My presence in the CAF's Confederations Cup is very important because it'll help promote and raise the profile of the African club football and that is exactly my motive," Kallon told BBC Sport.

"I hope African young talents taking part in the club competitions will gain a lot from me because of my experience and achievements," he added.

"It was always my dream to one day come back home and represent my club in Africa."

His side may face a challenge in Cameroon, because their opponents have a strong pedigree in continental football, having won the 1979 African Champions Cup and the Cup Winners Cup two years later.

South African side Black Leopards, who slumped to the bottom of the South African Premiership table after a midweek loss to Orlando Pirates, host Motor Action from neighbouring Zimbabwe.

Several east African hopefuls are on the road this weekend with Simba of Tanzania visiting Kiyovu Sport of Rwanda and Gor Mahia of Kenya away to Ferroviário de Maputo of Mozambique.

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CAF Confederation Cup 2012

Second Round

1st Leg: 23-25 March 2012
2nd Leg: 6-8 April 2012

Étoile Filante (Burkina Faso) 2-2 ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast)
ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast) 2-0 Étoile Filante (Burkina Faso)

Séquence (Guinea) 0-2 CO Meknès (Morocco)
CO Meknès (Morocco) 3-0 Séquence (Guinea)

Kallon (Sierra Leone) 0-0 Warri Wolves (Nigeria)
Warri Wolves (Nigeria) 2-0 Kallon (Sierra Leone)

Black Leopards (South Africa) 4-2 St. Eloi Lupopo (DR Congo)
St. Eloi Lupopo (DR Congo) 2-2 Black Leopards (South Africa)

Royal Leopards (Swaziland) 0-0 US Tshinkunku (DR Congo)
US Tshinkunku (DR Congo) 1-2 Royal Leopards (Swaziland)

St George (Ethiopia) 1-1 Club Africain (Tunisia)
Club Africain (Tunisia) 2-0 St George (Ethiopia)

Simba (Tanzania) 2-0 Entente Sétif (Algeria)
Entente Sétif (Algeria) 3-1 Simba (Tanzania)

Ferroviário de Maputo (Mozambique) 0-1 Al Ahly Shandy (Sudan)
Al Ahly Shandy (Sudan) 2-0 Ferroviário de Maputo (Mozambique)

US Haut Nkam Bafang (Cameroon) 0-0 Heartland (Nigeria)
Heartland (Nigeria) 2-1 US Haut Nkam Bafang (Cameroon)

AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville) 1-2 CS Sfaxien (Tunisia)
CS Sfaxien (Tunisia) 0-2 AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville)

Lydia LB Academic (Burundi) 1-1 ENPPI (Egypt)
ENPPI (Egypt) 4-1 Lydia LB Academic (Burundi)

Renaissance (Chad) 3-2 CO Bamako (Mali)
CO Bamako (Mali) 3-1 Renaissance (Chad)

Invincible Eleven (Liberia) 0-2 Wydad Casablanca (Morocco)
Wydad Casablanca (Morocco) 4-1 Invincible Eleven (Liberia)

Gamtel (Gambia) 1-0 AS Real de Bamako (Mali)
AS Real de Bamako (Mali) 3-1 Gamtel (Gambia)

TANA Formation (Madagascar) 2-0 InterClube (Angola)
InterClube (Angola) 2-0 TANA Formation (Madagascar) [AET, 6-5 on pen.]

Hwange (Zimbabwe) 1-1 Al Amal Otbara (Sudan)
Al Amal Otbara (Sudan) 0-0 Hwange (Zimbabwe)


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The two big surprises of this 2nd round of the African Confederation Cup were the elimination of the Algerians of Entente Sétif and the Tunisians of CS Sfaxien at the hands of Simba (Tanzania) and AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville).

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CAF Confederation Cup 2012

Third Round​

1st Leg: 27-29 April 2012
2nd Leg: 11-13 May 2012

The winners to face the losers from the CAF Champions League 3rd round for a place in the group stages.

ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast) 1-1 CO Meknès (Morocco)
CO Meknès (Morocco) v ASEC Mimosas (Ivory Coast)

Warri Wolves (Nigeria) 3-1 Black Leopards (South Africa)
Black Leopards (South Africa) 2-0 Warri Wolves (Nigeria)

Royal Leopards (Swaziland) 0-1 Club Africain (Tunisia)
Club Africain (Tunisia) 4-2 Royal Leopards (Swaziland)

Simba (Tanzania) 3-0 Al Ahly Shandy (Sudan)
Al Ahly Shandy (Sudan) 3-0 Simba (Tanzania) - 9-8 after pen.

Heartland (Nigeria) 3-2 AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville)
AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville) 2-1 Heartland (Nigeria)

ENPPI (Egypt) 3-1 CO Bamako (Mali)
Cercle Olympique Bamako (Mali) 3-0 ENPPI (Egypt)

Wydad Casablanca (Morocco) 3-0 AS Real de Bamako (Mali)
AS Real de Bamako (Mali) 1-0 Wydad Casablanca (Morocco)

InterClube (Angola) 4-1 Al Amal Otbara (Sudan)
Al Amal Otbara (Sudan) 0-2 InterClube (Angola)


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CAF Confederation Cup 2012

Play-off round

In the play-off round, the winners from the second round play against the losers from the 2012 CAF Champions League second round. The winners of the Play-off round qualify to the Group Stage.

1st Leg - 29 June-1 July 2012
2nd Leg - 13/15 July 2012

Maghreb de Fès (Morocco) 1-0 AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville)
AC Leopards (Congo Brazzaville) 2-0 Maghreb de Fès (Morocco)

Al-Hilal (Sudan) 2-0 Cercle Olympique de Bamako (Mali)
Cercle Olympique de Bamako (Mali) 0-1 Al-Hilal (Sudan)

AFAD Djékanou (Ivory Coast) 0-1 Wydad Casablanca (Morocco)
Wydad Casablanca (Morocco) 0-0 AFAD Djékanou (Ivory Coast)

Al-Merreikh (Sudan) 3-2 Black Leopards (South Africa)
Black Leopards (South Africa) 0-0 Al-Merreikh (Sudan)

Djoliba (Mali) 2-0 Club Africain (Tunisia)
Club Africain (Tunisia) 3-4 Djoliba (Mali)

Dynamos (Zimbabwe) 0-0 InterClube Luanda (Angola)
InterClube Luanda (Angola) 1-0 Dynamos (Zimbabwe)

Stade Malien (Mali) 3-0 CODM Meknès (Morocco)
CODM Meknès (Morocco) 1-1 Stade Malien (Mali)

Coton Sport (Cameroon) 1-0 Al-Ahli Shendi (Sudan)
Al-Ahli Shendi (Sudan) 2-0 Coton Sport (Cameroon)


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CAF Confederation Cup 2012

Group Stage

Group A

Al Merreikh (SUD) 1-0 InterClube Luanda (ANG)

Al Ahly Shendi (SUD) 1-2 Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD)

Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD) 1-1 Al Merreikh (SUD)

InterClube Luanda (ANG) 0-1 Al Ahly Shendi (SUD)

Al Merreikh (SUD) 2-0 Al Ahly Shendi (SUD)

InterClube Luanda (ANG) 1-1 Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD)

Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD) 3-0 InterClube Luanda (ANG)

Al Ahly Shendi (SUD) 0-1 Al Merreikh (SUD)

Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD) 2-0 Al Ahly Shendi (SUD)

InterClube Luanda (ANG) 0-0 Al Merreikh (SUD)

Al Ahly Shendi (SUD) 1-2 InterClube Luanda (ANG)
Al Merreikh (SUD) 3-2 Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD)

Final Standings
1 Al Merreikh (SUD) ...........6G 4W 2D 0L 08-03 14P
2 Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD) ...6G 3W 2D 1L 11-06 11P
3 InterClube Luanda (ANG) .............6G 1W 2D 3L 03-07 05P
4 Al Ahly Shendi (SUD) ....................6G 1W 0D 5L 03-09 03P


Group B

AC Leopards (CON) 1-1 Wydad Casablanca (MOR)

Stade Malien (MAL) 0-2 Djoliba AC (MAL)

Wydad Casablanca (MOR) 1-1 Stade Malien (MAL)

Djoliba AC (MAL) 1-1 AC Leopards (CON)

Stade Malien (MAL) 1-1 AC Leopards (CON)

Djoliba AC (MAL) 2-1 Wydad Casablanca (MOR)

Wydad Casablanca (MOR) 1-2 Djoliba AC (MAL)

AC Leopards (CON) 1-0 Stade Malien (MAL)

Wydad Casablanca (MOR) 3-1 AC Leopards (CON)

Djoliba AC (MAL) 2-1 Stade Malien (MAL)

AC Leopards (CON) 3-0 Djoliba AC (MAL)
Stade Malien (MAL) 3-3 Wydad Casablanca (MOR)

Final Standings
1 Djoliba AC (MAL) ................6G 4W 1D 1L 09-07 13P
2 AC Leopards (CON) ...............6G 2W 3D 1L 08-06 09P
3 Wydad Casablanca (MOR) ............6G 1W 3D 2L 10-10 06P
4 Stade Malien (MAL) .......................6G 0W 3D 3L 06-10 03P


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CAF Confederation Cup 2012

Semi Finals

1st Leg

Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD) 2-0 Djoliba (MAL)
(Sané 44', Mudather El Tahir 48')

AC Leopards (CON) 2-1 Al Merreikh (SUD)

2nd Leg

Al Merreikh (SUD) 0-0 AC Leopards (CON)

Djoliba (MAL) 2-0 Al Hilal Omdurman (SUD) [7-6 after pen.]


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CAF Confederation Cup 2012


1st Leg

18.11.2012, Bamako, (Mali)
Djoliba (MAL) 2-2 AC Leopards (CON)

2nd Leg

25.11.2012, Dolisié (Congo Brazzaville)
AC Leopards (CON) 2-1 Djoliba (MAL)



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Historical win for AC Leopards as they ended a 38 year club trophy drought for the Congo Brazzaville.

CARA won the 1974 African Champions Cup, the predecessor to the CAF Champions League, with victory against the Egyptians of Al Mehalla.

Since then no other Congolese side has come close to glory since until the Leopards from the western city of Dolisié won the final of the second most important African club competition this season.
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