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C.L out of reach.

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After that performance on Sat against the might Wednesday it seems that the only way that you guys can get in to CL next year is by winning it this year. The games you have left this year include Man U, the pool and Arsenal. Do you guys think that you still have a chance??

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Well, I have bad feelings about making it, but I have faith in the blues. So, my answer is YES, vaguely.

Forza 1) JUVE 2) Chelsea 3) Valencia
Which would you prefer - to beat Barce on Tuesday or Liverpool a week Saturday?
It's a tough one.

The match with Barca is among is going to be among the most important mathces in chelsea's history, so you could say the players had that match pretty much on their minds against Wednesday. the other thing is that 5 regulars were rested, so chelseas was that fired up for that match. but it was nevertheless, quite stupid, now their 5th, but the points differential is so small, let's just say Chelsea's matches with Arsenal and Man Utd are going to be great. But Vialli admitted, that the only way to play CL next season mean they most likely have to win it this season. And that's also going to be very tough, regardless of what happens against barca.
What is strange about Chelsea is that they are concebtrating solely on CL. I know that the Sheff game was on paper easy but they are scrapping for their lives now. Vialli lost the plot but he's still doing well I feel.

Are yu guys going to spend this summer. It seems you need to in midfield as Wise and Deschamps are old and Di Matteo looks like he is going.
Morris is a good player and so is Poyet but I feel that Babayaro is over-rated.
The place to go now seems to be Valencia with Killy Gonzales and Gerad Lopez attracting a lot of interest. Claudio seems to have gone to Lazio.
Helveg may be sold by Milan and Rui Costa may be prised away from Fiorentina.
Up front should worry you even more with Zola and Weah being old as well. Sutton is not that bad and I thought he was good versus Sheff Wed but you should have better. i think that Vialli should start trating Flo right or he may be off which would be a disaster.
Wasn't Vialli intersted in Macca as well??
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