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Today Leverkusen manager Calmund told a local newspaper (Express) that the Butt deal is off. "We tried to sign him (Butt) earlier and it was our obligation to do so, because I told him that when we agreed terms for 2001. We tried everything, a normal move a swap deal, but Hamburg doesn't want it at all. So he now finally signs in 2001 on a Bosman" Meanwhile Leverkusen agreed a loan deal with Zurich about Pascal Zuberbuhler. The Swiss international will sign until 2001 and has no problem with the fact that he will be playing only one year in Leverkusen. Calmund said : "He will arrive on 23th July and from then on he has the chance to put himself in the window for a move in 2001. It's almost certain that we won't extend his contract with us, even if he plays all games. He appeals for a EU passport after he married with his long-term spanish girlfriend and that maybe a huge boost for him after 2001."
So Hamburg hasn't released anything, but I think now the whole Myhre / Gravesen saga is believed to be off. OK maybe they talk about Myhre for 2001 (who knows ?), but a change of Gravesen and Myhre is certainly off. If the Toffees want Gravesen, they have to make a deal tempting Hamburg and that I think much more difficult then it was with including Myhre in a bid.
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