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Got the idea from the "best Austrian goalie"-discussion.
How would you rank the starting goalies of the ten Bundesliga-teams in terms of quality/performance?

Andreas Schranz (GAK)
Joey Didulica (Austria Wien)
Helge Payer (Rapid Wien)
Josef Schicklgruber (FC Superfund)
Almir Tolja (SW Bregenz)
Wolfgang Knaller (Admira)
Raimund Hedl (SV Mattersburg)
Heinz Arzberger (SV Salzburg)
Thomas Mandl (Sturm Graz)
Zeljko Pavlovic (FC Kärnten)

My ranking.
1. Payer
2. Schranz
3. Didulica
4. Mandl
5. Arzberger
6. Schicklgruber
7. Knaller
8. Tolja
9. Hedl
10. Pavlovic

Meanwhile Hans Huber and Krankl are building up a big feud for the next "Promi-Boxen", as it seems. :tongue:
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