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BTW Amoroso...

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I was just wondering, who is gonna win the greek league ? Are you going for panathinaikos or Olympiakos? I understand the latter are one point ahead with 3 games to go. I would like to see Panathin. win, because there's a couple of Poles there. How are they doing incidentally - Wandzik, Warzycha and Sypniewski? Are all of them still there and is Warzycha still scoring?
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Watcink was sold to a small greek team,Apollon Athens which will relegate.Watchycha plays rarely but he scores. (the guy is simply incredible) Synbiewski has made some good apperances but he is very incosistent and cant score.

It will porabably be Olympiakos,as much as I dislike them they arte like Juve,always get helped by the ****ing refs...Panathinaikos is the best team but they are not going to win.

Hey,Szamotulski grabbed a penalty yesterday and saves one more the game before,is he a specialist at saving penalties? he hasnt reached his full potential here,but its obvius,the guy is improving... :)

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
I think Olympiakos will finally win the League.
Just won (as of yesterday) the 2nd consecutive match as a guest.
Panathinaikos had his 2nd consecutive "lucky" win (I mean by scoring in 90+ in both matches) and his coach Kirastas said that they are not entitled any more to talk about Olympiakos (because they played really bad - they were even 0-1 down).
Kirastas is a born pessimist.Even when Panathinaikos made a great win against PAOK away ( :() and the whole stadium was appluding his players,he went out and said that they wont get the title.

Olympiakos won at Kalamata,big deal! plus they have serius complains on the refs,as every team against Olympiakos has...

Hala,where are you from?

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
Is Warzycha really that good? I mean he never got a chance in our national team and that's really pitiful. Anyway I say GO PANATHINAIKOS!, because that's where my countrymen are and I Hate giovanni from olympiakos!
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