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not only were we embarassed, not only did I hear that the referee was absolutely horrible and in favour of the english, i also heard minutes after the final whstles whispers of the English having bought the match and judging by the referee it wouldn't be a surprise....
but I also heard that Deki Stankovic got injured!!!!!!!!!! in the 92nd minute...
and now I have to dye my hair because of a stoopid bet I made....
all in all..not a good day for me... :(

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You're absoultly right, we were totaly humiliated today...
The ref was horrible, but we missed to many chances. We infact were the better side up untill the 24th minute when we let a stupid goal in. And I have to say that Kezman's price must have dropped by half today, same with Boskovic :( :( :(

And worse yet, Deki(who played horrible :() went down in the last minute...

Not a good week for us at all, luckly some of
of will get a consolation "goal" in the Derby on Sunday...

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Yep, I'm the only one who got even close to predicting correctly (0:2), even though I wish I was wrong :(, but here are a few of my thoughts...

1. It's about time we stopped worrying about referees, the Beonet report doesn't say anything about the referee favouring the English, anyway they said the only chance we had was in the first half when Kezman set up Stankovic and that was about it (and 3:0 is too a convincing result to be able to say the ref had any influence on the game)

2. How did we expect to win without Paunovic, Ilic, Ivic, Drulic, Jelic... Djoric is an idiot and so is Miljanic, what kind of stupid partnership is that when Djoric is allowed to take the team for one last cruise to Barcelona and then leave, why didn't somebody who is going to stay with the young ones take over?? We have to get rid of Miljanic.....

3. It's about time we stopped making stars out of our young players and realized that they are nothing special until they prove themselves in international competition, Kezman can score 50 goals in our league, Dudic can stop all the strikers in our league if he wants to , but does that mean they can beat England?? Obviously not, those are two different levels of competition..In the Beonet report it says "Englezi su bili brzi", well what the hell are we supposed to be, those are all 19 and 20 year olds, why is every one of our generations "slow"... :(

Maybe I'm still a bit bitter because of that China match, but it's really time we all sobered up and realisticaly viewed our qualities and capabilities...
But I've decided to forgive the "oldies" and see how they play against Turkey, lets just say yesterday was a bad day... :)
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