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Brochi, the verona star, consider himself as an Inter player...His big wish is to play for us next season...
But!!!! Veronas pressident want´s to sell him to Parma or Fiorentina....by personall resens!!!!!!!

He´ll fight!!!!!

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1.we have money
2.brocchi wants to come
In that case verona's president can do nothing.
Conclusion:Brocchi is our's.

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As long as he is under contract and Verona's president don't want to sell him to you, you can't do nothing--no matter how much money you have. However, money usually talks and will probably do in this affair as well...

Also, can't you guys try to convince Berlusconi to spend some money too? You seem to have done a good job with Moratti and it would be nice to have at least one signing costing more than €1000... :(
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