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Bring the Champange! Frank`s leaving!

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Yes, I can`t believe it!:happy: This is like winning the CL trophy, because yesterday after the training Frank De Boer declared that he`s leaving the club this summer. He is searching a club who will offer him a 2 or 3 year contract. Which Barça doesn`t want to give him. According to Frank There`re clubs in Spain who wants him. Hopefully Real Madrid, but he also said that he`s close to Arsenal and that there`re clubs in Italy who`s intressted. He wants to stay in Spain, but would mind trying his luck in either England or Italy. He regard the spanish and english league as the best in the world.

If he stays in Spain, this means that which club he goes to doesn`t matter, but it`s 3 easy points for any club who plays against them!

Like I said, bring the Champange!:happy:
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We'll need a barrel of the stuff :D
Robban said:
He is searching a club who will offer him a 2 or 3 year contract.

Dreamer! :tongue:
hold your horses!!

It isn't sure yet, Frank said that if he can't find a decent club wich offers him a contract of 2-3 years, he can still sign the 1 year deal with Barcelona :(
Woo-hoo!! CELEBRATION!! He's leaving!! It's better later than never:D

Chivu spoke with Koeman, and told him he wanted to leave. Koeman has two names on his list to replace him: Stefanovic (he knows from Vitesse) and .... Frank de Boer.

Does this mean we can make a bid on Chivu?
Now that's solid :)
Chivu has denied that he ever said that he wants to leave, see the thread in the Romanian Soccer forum.
IAM SAD coz he is going...

i think he was good....but he said that he will not play in italy spain or england....and Robban u was hard on him ;)
yes, I'm a bit confused with the situation too.

From now on, I don't believe any rumour about Chivu till I see him saying it at TV :stuckup:
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