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Just read on the Juve site in the list of players currently in training in Chatillon that midfielder Brighi is included among the first team players even though I thought he is only 19, while Max Vieri (22) is included among the youth (Primavera) players.

Do they mean this???

So I presume this means that Vieri won't be considered for the first team (I never thought otherwise really), but I'm surprised by the signals they're sending on the youngster Brighi. Perhaps he will slip in to some Serie A or Coppa games next season as a sub.

If we do see some of the youngsters actually get some time even as subs this could be really fun, maybe make up a bit for the fact that we're going to see really few new names next year.

Or do you think the web site just make a mistake on the Brighi thing?
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