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brian steen nielsen

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this guy from ab copenhagen will probably make a move to epl in the summer.
a lot of teams are interested including spurs and leeds.
what do you know about him and what do you think?
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I never heard of him.

Are you f**king kidding??? Spurs reall want him??

Well I know he´s a small tuff guy, but also able on freekicks and long range shots, kind of like beckham meets keane (without the skills, obviusly)
they wants him,but im not sure they buy him
if you wantread about transfers go to..... www.footballtransfers.co.uk/
I wasn't even aware that this forum was made yet :).

B.S.N is right now the best performing Danish midfielder in the Danish league. He's more of a John Faxe Jensen type (for You PL fans You might remember him from Arsenal).
He's better though as his talent on the ball is bigger, and as has been mentioned he's quite capable of a few free kick goals eery season.
His downside is that he's not that fast and he is actually a real bastard. Noone makes more dangerous tackles on a regular basis than him (in the Danish league that is).
Why would Tottenham want him ? He's a clewer, experienced player but Allan Nielsen is much better as it is, and I've never understood why he wasn't used more.

The latest rumour is that he will be moving to Molde!!!
why did you bring up this old topic:mad:
it should be an rule from now on that we don't discuss old topics again....
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